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Gossip - The Poisonous Triangle of Mistrust

Gossip - The Poisonous Triangle of Mistrust

By Rev. Yulian UTS /  Unification Family Therapy 
Sharing 'displeased feelings' poisons the hearts of others with negative emotional resonance. It's at the heart of Multiplication of Evil and the way evil spirits invade families, churches and workplaces.

Gossip is toxic to any work environment. I refer to gossip as the Poison Triangle of Mistrust...it ends communication and trust. When gossip is accepted; trust, respect, communication and team morale plummet resulting in negatively affecting team performance and patient experience. . Learn how you can stop gossip in your office!

How many of you want to end gossiping in your work, church, family and neighborhood? It is a poisonous triangle of mistrust. What happens with gossiping, it shuts down communication, it shuts down trust and usually is at list between people. Sharing 'displeased feelings' poisons the hearts of others with negative emotional resonance. Don't do it!

First, we should define Gossiping; “Anything that is very negative about the other person’s character or very private, that they don’t want anyone else to know. “ If you want to talk good things for a person, behind his back, go on.

The Principle explains the evil power of gossiping as an expression of the four fallen natures; (1) See someone from a humanistic view, (2) Have displeased feelings about him/her, (3) Share - transmit, stir up the same emotion among others, (4)  they too get agitated by in the same emotion and start multiplying it.

Principle explanation of Gossiping

How do you recognize people are invaded by low spirits? They start Gossiping! Divine Principle gives the key points in how gossiping is used to multiply evil and block God's work:

"See from self-centered perspective.. displeased with it.. stirred up the same emotion among his brothers.. they too were agitated by him in the same emotion. This was such a crime." DP: Ham
Gossiping is an evil give and takes action with a common base against others, centered on Satan. It's not rational, but emotional sharing of displeased feelings. Allows Satan to invade. 

How to Stop Gossiping

Who wants to get rid of gossip. If I’m gossiping and you’re listening just to be nice, you are actually 50% responsible for the gossip. Without a listener, there is no gossip. If you listen to gossiping, you participate in the gossiping.

But if you remind them, “Oh, remember we don’t want to gossip”. They will say, “Ah, OK!” Or just say, “Please stop it!” or “If you want to talk to her, please go and solve it personally.”

If it’s negative, don’t blow up steam with your coworkers. What if they do it about you, can you trust them? No! So don’t support gossiping. It’s evil, destroys relationships and trust.

Study on Gossiping shows, that such drama does not do any positive work. The reality is that if you have any negative issue with somebody, don't share it with your coworkers. Gossip has to stop with you.

Heart Resonance of Gossiping

In the heart resonance chart, you see that, such state of mind is in the low resonance of Midle Spirit World, even lower. This is an immature heart - easily influenced by emotions, unable to validate correctly right and wrong. At that level, we are easily influenced by fear and doubts. Consequently, gossips - heartistic sharing of negativity, can easily drug such a person to negativity and resentment.

People who love gossiping easily find a common base with others with the same resonance. They unite and start all kinds of evil games, just as a pass-time. Most professional gossipers are those who learn it from their family of origin, where parents triangulated gossips against each other in heartistic sharing with their children. For such children, this is the highest love to unite in gossiping against others. They will blame as evil any person who does not share the same low resonance.

Experience: The Gossiping Realm in Hell

Story: "I was taken spiritually to Hell. It was the Gossiping realm of the spiritual world. I can't describe the feeling, but it is the most painful place you can imagine. I spend few hours there, talking to people and trying to understand them. Soon I felt something is very wrong.

No matter what you do, or not do, you are always accused. Whatever you say was twisted in such a vicious way.  My heart was agonizing, feeling the evil energy they produce. That's what these people did in their life. For them this resonance of heart was normal. They observed externally, accused and gossiped. My heart was in so much pain.

I can't imagine such evil games against each other in my own family. This will be Hell. Their very hearts were twisted. Yet, they looked clever, intelligent, heartistic, same like many humanistic members, I know on earth. Read what's evil in Humanism. One has to be totally under his physical mind to do such things. Read, Liberate our Spirit Mind and you'll understand.

It's unbearable to know that they will end up in Hell. Even now, I cannot escape, but feel what is the resonance of people's hearts. I hope you understand why I'm so urgent to solve it. My Spiritual Mind senses that and has no peace. My heart yearns to find the way to liberate them. To be able to uproot it, first we have to understand Gossiping.  

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gossiping, rumors gossip how to stop gossiping understand gossiping evil of gossiping psychology of gossiping

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