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Games People Play In The Family: GOSSIPING AND INTRIGUES

Games People Play In The Family

By YuliUTS /  2009  /   Unification Family Therapy


Gossiping and Intrigues are Learned from Parents at a very early age. Don't share your pain and displeased feelings with your children in intimate moments. You don't want to twist their hearts and bring them to hell, by teaching them that 'love' is to share intimate things against others.

Those who are grown with it create the most painful hell on earth and in the spirit world. Those who are not can be drugged in the same intrigues as allies or as victims... Either way, they will be drawn to hell if they cannot overcome it in their hearts. 

Gossiping was widely spread in history. You find it everywhere in our time. I bet TF was going through that in order to liberate it... We all have to go over it! Father prayed over his son, Hyungjin, that he should take this pain of resentment, but overcome it. If we don't overcome the pain in our hearts we become resentful and start gossiping about it - spreading evil multiplication.

Read Gossip - The Poisonous Triangle of Mistrust to learn why Gossip is toxic to any work environment, that ends communication and trust

It's a bit more complicated as you get into the details. Read some of the links under the article. Manipulative people are best in treating nice others, yet spread the evilest gossip behind your back, while no one can notice they are doing it.

Those who learn Triangulation as a form of intimacy in their childhood, would naturally do it as a deep heartistic sharing and care for each other, meanwhile planting in each others' hearts the strongest poison of hatred.  Read, Gossip - The Poisonous Triangle of Mistrust

They themselves are not aware of doing it since they only want the portion of wrong intimacy, which they crave so much for. Those who want to stop this process will automatically become the target of accusations. They become easy victims since they are now pointed themselves as accusers and gossipers, despite the fact that they just want to stop those evil things.

The evil spirits perfected these evil games for thousands of years, so the good side can always be blocked and accused, while the ones doing it seem pure and good in the eyes of everyone. Evil spirits know what you know, how you think, what you can do, so they always find the way around to trick you. They directly talk and act through the gossiping person, so they know how to paralyze you, make you give up, shy back, look like the bad guy, be on the defensive.

INTRIGUES: Opening the way to Hell

What can you think of a world where every word you say and every action you do will be used against you? The meaning of what you said will be changed to mean something bad and every truth will be accepted as a lie… Welcome to the world of distrust! This is how Hell looks like if you did not know.

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We might have experienced that in our lives but in its purest form I experienced the effect of these intrigues by visiting Hell – in the spirit world. And believe me, the energy there completely overtakes you. It makes you suffocate in pain and agony, which is so difficult to bear.

That is a place formed on these kinds of relationships is the families of Triangulation (where parents use children to accuse each other). Thus parents will drug their beloved children in Hell for eternity. That is the reason why it is so difficult to escape from Hell - it is our identity, way of living - learned on earth. 

Intrigues and Gossiping - It is one thing to experience them in life as an adult; it is another to have been growing with it, surrounded by such an atmosphere within your own family of birth. Oh, this is pain, amazing pain for God to see such families where relationships are not based on love and trust but on vicious games of distrust, plotting against each other. Unbearable to see one accuse his spouse in front of the children. Much worse, involve the kids in these accusations. But worse is, when a parent shares his pain intimately with the child. 

What can you do when it becomes a part of their hearts; when the way they get used to receive love, to give love and create friendship is for the purpose of using it against someone else. Might be you still do not understand what I mean. So let me give you a simple example of Blessed families I observed. In one case one family, I witnessed all of the children playing one simple game. 

They used to accuse each other to obtain their mother’s attention. How pity, that was the only fast way they could get her attention. And children, we know, crave intimacy and recognition from their parents. In this case, they learned to receive it as a form of evil alliance against their brothers and sisters. From the viewpoint of the mother, she just wanted peace, so she was intervening to bring justice. As a result, she reinforced this bad behavior and was actually twisting their hearts. They learned that love is to join others on their side against someone else. Crazy! 

Don’t you think that will be the way they will behave for life? Yes, it is! The very same children were creating a friendship with other classmates in the very same way. They were saying, “you’ll be my friend if you don’t play with them”, or “I will not play with you anymore if you play with the other children”. 

That is a pure form of evil cooperation, yet that is what their parents taught them about relationship and intimacy. “Oh, big deal. They are children!”, someone would say. As my spiritual experiences with Hell show me, Hell is full of such innocent people. So I have no chance but try to really alarm your parents for not sending your children to Hell. Please! 

Let me share one more familiar type of family situation that Hell is full of. In this particular case, both parents were triangulating (transmitting their problems) to their daughter. Intimacy for her was to listen to their problems. 

When she grew up she naturally formed a friendship with people who constantly called her to share their depressed feelings. Yet, listening to their problems did not help them at all. It only temporarily blocked the voice of their conscience. In the end, most of them end up either with heavy depression, drug abuse or even suicide. And that will not be all. Her own family situation was the same. One of her brothers was heavily depressed and not talking to her because of the intrigues her gossips she created at school. The other brother was a drug addict trying to suicide. 

Before knowing these facts I was visited by her ancestors and they shared with me all the feelings of pain they felt from similar situations in their life. Thus we come to the fact that studying these problems we have to also study the reality of the ancestors in the spirit world that influence them. 

As I would try to repeat it again and again, I hope families reading this book will awake not to play such vicious games in their own homes. Please, whatever influences you from the past, do not recreate this in your family relations, do not send your own children to Hell. Parents are the ones to open the way to Heaven for their children. Continue...


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  1. We should have only love, trust and support in the family. This atmosphere of absolute security is very important for the internal peace - so our spirit and hearts can grow correctly.

  2. Hi people,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
    If someone want to learn more about the family therapy I think this is the right place for you!


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