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True Bible Story: The Book of God - Angel, Free sex, Adam and Eve's Love, Bible, Jesus

True Bible Story: The Book of God - Angel, Free sex, Adam and Eve's love, Bible, Jesus, Religions of Satan
True Bible Story

Bible, bible story, book of true story, Free Sex between Adam and Eve love with angel, angels, Jesus, Jesus Christ, God and Satan, God, fallen angel-archangel Lucifer Satan, Heaven, the fall fall of man, Last Days

True Bible Story: The Book of God - Angel, Free sex, Adam and Eve's love, Bible, Jesus, Religions of Satan
Religions started by Angels
Paradise Lost: It began when Lucifer and the other rebel angels who have been deviated into sexual promiscuity and cast out. God instructed Adam and Eve not to taste the fruit of sexual love before they become mature. It was obvious what would happen if they follow this perverted way. What will be the fruit of such immature and unprinciple love?!! 

Love is the highest purpose of God's creation. Misusing love, on the other side, is the  most destructive power in the universe (that includes premerital sex, out of marriage sex, etc.) How many realize that Seducing a person sexually equals to killing him spiritually, so it's a bigger crime than a murder. But that's precisely the crime of Adam and Eve, that originated all the suffering, corruption and wars in the human history.

PREDICTIONS of Prophetess
Experiences with JESUS
Secular Humanism: Dangerous
First, Eve was seduced sexually by Archangel Lucifer (The previously good Archangel thus became Satan). Eve tasted the sexual forbidden fruit. Than she gave to Adam to "eat" (have premature sex). That is told in the symbolic story of "Eating the forbidden fruit" For this they were covering their sexual organs, not their hands or mouth. 

This act separated their lineage from God and now their ofspring became descendants of Satan (ofspring of the Snake). The Qur'an also explainns how this angel of light sexually seduced Eve and turned humanity against God. 

God's heart was brocken. He lost his children. Humanity was connected to Satan's lineage. Lucifer became the false father, and false 'god' of humanity. Evil engels constantly influenced the human race, to keep it ingnorant, spiritually underdeveloped and in corrupted love. How could God restore his children out of this miserable situation? 

The Book of Enoch explains Angel's Sexual Fall in Detail 

Later the fallen angels where having sex with women and teaching man to homosexuality and free sex (The Bible quotes the Book of Enoch on that in Geneses 6:6). The world became so perverted that God had to end that evil civilization by the flood judgment and destroy the Satanic Civilization (later compared to Sodom and Ghomora, because people were so much perverted sexually).
In fact, the religions from before the flood were created by Satan. All spirituallity was Satanic. All spiritual knowledge was twisted, to serve Lucifer. 
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Second Advent of Christ: THROUGH BIRTH

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True Bible Story: The Book of God - Angel love, Free sex, Adam and Eve, Bible, Jesus
God's efforts to save his Children
Archangel Raphael: Raphael is an angel who was sent by God to warn Adam about that... also of Cain and Abel in Genesis, up through the story of Jesus in the New Testament Raphael, Gabriel and Michael where guiding the appearance of different religions to help God restore his lost children.

That's why we see that Gabriel gave revelations to prophets in the bible, but also to prophet Mohamed and to the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith. Yet, not understanding the revelations correctly, they were also victims of sexual temptations.

Misunderstood revelations given by Angel
Joseph Smith was told by angel Gabriel that God is not happy about the divisions in the Christianity, but he couldn't understand. Didn't know how to bring unity, so he only created one more denomination. Who cand understand God's broken heart and solve this problem?

Joseph Smith also was correctly told by the angel that God wants to restore the families. But Joseph Smith did not understand that the Lord of the Second Advent will come as True Parents and will restore true, eternally blessed families centered on God. Wrongly, Joseph Smith decided that God wants to restore the Old Testament families, where they had many wives, so Mormons started practicing polygamy, same like the Muslims.

This is only example that when angels give revelations, humans can easily misunderstand or understand in their own human way. Thus religions where deviating here and there from the revelations of God and becoming more and more divided, focused on external differences, instead of practicing Love that can unite them.

Religions understood things partially
Religions understood things partially and through human viewpoint so they were becoming obstacle for God to give them deeper truth, since it didn't fit with their human interpretations. This created big obstacles for God and God's angels to guide humanity. The fallen angel, Lucifer, could always mislead even the best religions and put them in conflict against God's purpose.

God's heart was suffering ever since, until finally came the Second Advent - the True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Moon could restore the position of True, Restored Adam and his wife, Hak Ja han, the restored Eve and Only Beggoten Daughter of God. They could reveal all these secrets of the biblical history and establish the foundation for liberating God's lineage. 

This is the reason Jesus sent a message from spirit world to all Christianity. Asking them to follow Rev. Moon. Asking them to study his teachings and his life, so that they can understand and help him liberate God and humanity once and forever. See, EXPERIENCE WITH JESUS AND THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST

Prayer is our antenna to spirit world
God and Satan: The True Story
God answered to my prayer: Personal Testimony


The book of the Bible, bible story, true story, Free Sex between Adam and Eve, angel, angels, Jesus, Jesus Christ, book, book: God and Satan, God, fallen angel-archangel Lucifer Satan, Heaven, the fall fall of man, Last Days

True Bible Story: The Book of God's love - Angel's love, making love, Free sex, Adam and Eve's love, Bible, Jesus


  1. The Book of God: The Bible as a Novel. The Book of God is excellent reading and makes the stories of the Bible truly ....

    in God's eyes only the heart matters!
    If The Catholic Church Isn't The True Church Which Church Is The True church? Mormon, Jehovists, Moonies, Protestants, Baptists... Well in God's eyes only the heart matters, not the name! As Jesus said in his book, the gospel; "Don't argue who is higher among you, but who serves better the others is the highest in the Kingdom of heaven". And that's what Unificationists of Rev. Moon are told by their teacher to do.

    Is The Bible, Man's book or God's Word?
    The Bible is a collection of stories written by MEN. But this does not mean that the Bible is not the work of God but of MAN. As God was guiding the history of restoration the book of the bible is a historic record of the true loving God who is trying to save his children. The Unificationis understanding is that the Bible is not the truth itself, but a guideline towards the Truth. Jesus was incarnation of the Truth, because he was living the truth, and that's what we owe to become.

    What are the lost books of the Bible?
    Is every book that God intended and inspired to be in the Bible in the Bible. Some of these books contain true accounts of things that actually occurred, the Bible is the story of God and whatever book was written is a part of that story and one cannot just disregard it. For example the book of Enoch was in the Old Testament and among the books in Qumran, but because it did not fit the understanding of later Christianity it was taken away. Yet the very book of the Bible is quoting the book of Enoch numerous times.

  2. The Bible in a sense is the story of God struggling to reveal His truth through fallen mankind. Though God's truth can perceived, most of the bible if filled with human error and misinterpretation of prophecies and lack of knowledge of God's Will.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about free sex porn. Regards


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