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Real Life Superhuman HEROES Captured and Documented Video

Real Superhumans - Discovery Channel, Real Human Beings With Real Super Powers
Real Life Superhuman HEROES
Captured and Documented Video

Real, documented cases of legitimate super abilities in humans. ... And Real Human Beings With Real Super Powers
Where these abilities come from?
How to learn to be a superhuman?
Learn why you're born with such powers?

There is a book called "a mango shaped space" it's very interesting cause its about a girl who can see sounds as shapes and colors. Just like the one lady that can see music.

It is not the human brain is the human spirit that does that naturally. That's why everyone does have these abilities inside. Our spiritual person has 5 senses, corresponding to the 5 physical sense. That's why the person in the movie can see without his physical eyes. Spiritualist use these spiritual senses.

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Bulgarian prophetess, Vanga, for example was blind from youth but could see spiritually even the past and the future. She could sense which herbs can heal what sickness. Some spiritualists can see just with their hands where the person has pain and even fix and heal him.

That lady in the end has synethesia. It is scientifically proven. Mozart also had it and so do a lot of autistic people. As for the human calculator: he is a Mega Savant who is the only person out of the only 100 savants in the world that can create algorithms on his own accord. You can put a picture of over a 1000 dots in front of his face and he will instantly tell you the exact amount of dots. Please tell me how is that possible, if not for the spiritual senses.

Silva Method trains the same ability. By relaxing the brain, near to the state of sleeping, the spiritual mind can take over. In that state each person can visualize and sense spiritual reality. You can see past event with amazing details, find lost objects, heal any diseases within yourself or in others. Once you understand how our spiritual mind works you will realize how natural these abilities are. Everyone has them, yet because of the Fall human spirit became weak. The physical mind (brain) took over, so our spiritual senses stayed unused. Once we relax and calm down our brain we can unlock our amazing spiritual potential. Find out how?

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Real Superhumans - Discovery Channel, Real Human Beings With Real Super Powers

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