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Love The Principle: The Only Way To Go

Love and Obey the Principle Absolutely
The Divine Principle Studies Unification Studies
By Y.UTS / Unification Studies
The Divine Principle Studies Unification Studies
In this time many young people in our movement say that DP is no longer important. They give all sorts of humanistic reasoning. But when I ask them, how many times they read DP, turns out, they never really read and study it. So how can they know?!! Yet, here is the truth:

"The way of the Principle presented by the Unification Church is the one and only way to go even after the passage of millennia and tens of millennia. Those failing to fulfill in this way, in their lifetime, will have to make up for it when they go to the eternal spirit world." CSG (13-296, 1985.12.15)

Father Moon was teaching that even God has to obey the principle and cannot do as he wishes. How much more that is valid for all of us. As he explains:

"I, Rev. Moon, absolutely believe in the entire contents of the Principle.. There is nothing else. Even if I may have to abandon my world, abandon my family, abandon my wife, and abandon my children, I love the Principle absolutely, more than them. I absolutely obey it."

By following and practicing the Principle we embody God's Word, but that also means, we liberate God to work through us.

"According to the principle of of creation, man.. was made to be perfected by believing in God's words and practicing them, as his own portion of responsibility." DP, Resurrection

The Divine Principle (DP) is the Completed Testament Word given from God. The Principle is like the skeleton upon which you can understand True Father's words and life. This is why Satan will do anything to prevent you from really understand it. He knows that,

"Only by believing in and practicing these words, as man's portion of responsibility, is God's will accomplished." DP, Resurrection

As Jesus, in his message from the spirit world warned us, "Satan will do anything to prevent you from studying and learning the Divine Principle" Evil spirits will make you sleepy, or even unwilling to read and study, or make you so busy with other things, so you'll never find time to read it. Invaded by low spirits, you will even start to philosophizing why reading DP is not important, Jesus explained. See, Why Study God's Word (Divine Principle)

"In conducting the providence of resurrection, God's responsibility is to give us His Word and guidance, and our responsibility is to believe and practice it in order to fulfill the providence." DP, Resurrection

Of course, to understand while studying it, we are to read DP with our mind and body united. True Father explained, "If you were to read twenty or thirty pages of the Divine Principle black book each day continuously, then your level of spirituality would go up and continue to rise daily." Read, Rev. Moon's words on Reading DP.

Levels of understanding the Truth:
  1.  Logical (Formation Stage)
  2.  Application (Growth Stage)
  3.  Embody (Completion Stage)

You cannot just discover this Word by yourself. This precious Word was revealed because True Father's victory and True Parents are the first family to successfully embodied God's Word on a family level.
"The word, this is the True Parents. The perfection of the Principle is the True Parents, and it is the God of Night and the God of Day who are perfected through them.. Only when the True Parents appeared could the God of Night and the God of Day take their positions." Father, July 26, 2011

Restoration was done through the Word and now we have it. Please study it, learn how to practice it, and do not deviate from it.

"Now there is no ideology you need other than the ideology of True Parents. There is nothing else. We should not accept anyone’s unrighteous ideology. I cannot endorse (Hyung Jin’s) ideology or anyone else’s. There is only one ideology, that of the True Parents." CSG1

True Parents are establishing the garden of Eden, which was completed for the first time, and is the model of heaven and earth. The five-colored race is a model of the family community, which lives for each other's, joy and happiness, freedom and peace.. society centered on God, based on the Culture of Heart.
"Every second of everyday, True Mother is investing her mind, body and soul to build True Parents’ sacred capital city, a lasting beacon of hope for the 7.4 billion children of the world, guiding them all on their journey back home to God." Sun Jin Nim

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