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The Real Face of Humanism: The True Origins of the Humanist Philosphy

UMANISM: The Biggest Ideological Obstacle Today
The Real Face of Humanism
By Y.Marianov | Unification Family Therapy

Humanism means Relativism. Meaning, no absolute Truth. Were Jesus and Buddha like that? No! There is absolute truth and absolute moral values. Humanist disregard of that brought to big moral confusion and family degradation in less than 50 years. Humanism (Relativism) as a godless religion, a cult of selfishness, immorality and free sex, worked underhandedly to corrupt our minds and lives. It's time to wake up!

This article comes on the base of other two articles; HUMANISM: The Biggest Ideological Obstacle Today and What is Humanism: Expression of the Fallen Nature. As we read in, "Sound the Alarm: The Goals of Humanism": "A society built on humanistic principles is a society which will destroy itself. Our society is now rapidly deteriorating. Much of this deterioration is because people have turned away from Christian principles and seek guidance from humanistic values."

The Eroding Values of Secular Humanism

Secular Humanism infiltrates in the minds of people few dangerous and immoral ideas. This becomes obvious when we check their main philosophical base expressed in the Humanist Manifesto:

1. Humanism rejects traditional moral values. Even mentioning what's wrong is considered hatred and evil by them. Yet, this moral relativism is only natural for the physical mind. Unable to sense God and the truth it only rationalizes about them, so nothing is absolute. People with under-develop spiritual mind are naturally humanistic - moral relativists.

2. Humanism denies obedience to any authority, including parental, that of church or even the authority of God himself. This humanistic approach steams from the historic struggle for human freedom. But instead of freedom this philosophy brought anarchy in the free world and dictatorship in the communist world. This problem comes from the limitations of the physical mind - searching only for external, materialistic solutions.

3. Humanism proclaims extreme individualism as the highest good. Humanism truly starts from the search of the original nature for human freedom. However, it went so far as to promote selfish-individualism - extreme individualism, as the highest good. It propagates that everyone can do what he wants to satisfy his momentary desires. Consequent social degradation was only immanent. This again is essential for the physical mind, which is concerned with the self preservation. Ironically, selfishness does not lead to freedom, but is the main cause of loosing it.

4. Humanism directly and indirectly attacks marriage and the family, while propagating freedom of sexual morality. Humanist Manifesto directly states, that every sexual behavior should be acceptable, even those that are considered criminal according to the law. That's a bit too much; sex with animals, relatives, children. But once again, physical mind is animal mind led by animal instincts, so in fact it searches for the freedom of our evil nature instead of true freedom where true and guanine love is possible.

So please tell me about humanistic family values. Obviously we all have not enough idea of them! Let me assure you that the above four dangerous point are promoted in all humanistic literature, movie productions, media messages and so on. As it will be now explained, these for points correspond directly to the Four Fallen Natures described in the Principle. Consequently, Humanism is nothing, but a dangerous satanic sect - promoting Satan's viewpoint on life!

Humanism is unable to bring true freedom

Many mistakenly thing that humanism is about loving people. But is it love to be selfish? No! This is the very opposite of love. In fact, it is called humanism, because the philosophy is human-centered, meaning self-centered. It's horizontal. The vertical axes is missing. There is no God, no absolute moral values, no standards. Thus everything is relative and leads only to chaos and anarchy.

But let us look at the real results of the humanist philosophy: Humanism was the inspiration behind the bloody French revolution. Nietzsche, a major humanist philosopher, was the inspiration for Hitler's Nazism, which sacrificed millions. Communism, which came as a culmination of the humanistic philosophy came to be very restrictive despite it's aim for liberation of the human beings. Did they love human beings? They killed human beings and mistreated them as animals.

Why? The problem is in the philosophy. The materialistic Marxism told them that God does not exist and human beings are simply animals and development comes through struggle (forceful revolution). Communism killed over 150 million people. The end result was not a free society, but the whole nations were turned into huge prisons with very little freedom at all.

In both, Secular Humanism and the Marxist Materialism we find the same points. They failed to see the human being in God's view (as a spiritual being), they led people to irresponsibility (government takes responsibility instead of them) and inspired rebellion (moral or armed revolution); and they considered free sex as normal (animal view on sexuality). 

Here is the forth point of the Humanist Manifesto in practice. Many don't know, but based on humanism Marks was also against the family institution. There was supposed to be no private property on sexual partner. The policy was called, "Cup of Water". But when free sex was introduced in the early communism, soon immorality was so rampant that censure was introduced. So instead they supported the Sexual Revolution in the West, with the aim to destroy the Free World.

How much did Secular Humanism in the west bring real freedom? Today we are not free from drugs, sexual diseases and family break down. Humanist Manifesto claims that free sex is a given right of personal choice, but neglects the fact that sexual promiscuity damages society. Divorce grew rampant. Children are born without two parents. And humanist call that freedom and love for the human beings. However, instead of freedom of love, the culture of free sex brought only distrust, irresponsibility; further and further alienating us from the ideals of true love.

Some even dare to compare Jesus and Buddha with Humanism? But Jesus said, that even if you desire sexually another in your thoughts you are fornicating. How that compares with the Humanist Manifesto claim that sex with children and animals is ok?

So where is the problem in humanism? Why humanist philosophy is unable to achieve the ideals it promised?  The answer is clear when we understand it's origin in the physical mind and how it lead them to systematize philosophy that excuses and nurtures the fallen nature.

Origin and Nature of Humanism

What exactly is the nature of humanism and why is it so evil and destructive?

1. Humanism reverses all God's principles

From Principle viewpoint Humanism is the reversal of all God's principles. It sounds nice and has seemingly good aims for a better world, but it puts Object over Subject (Wife over Husband; Children before Parents; Students over Teachers); humanism is putting the external and horizontal over the internal and vertical. Because of that, automatically humanism destroys all vertical and horizontal order in the society. 

2.  Humanism is a product of the Physical Mind

Why humanists do that? Remember, Humanism is a product of the Physical Mind. Humanism, same like the Physical Mind, puts the individual purpose over the purpose of the whole.  Materialism, Individualism (the individual human interests), are set above Spirituality and God (the purpose of the whole). Thus, it violates all Principle laws; claiming that as good and attacking any attempt to restore the correct principle priorities.
(1) The Physical Mind cannot see God's viewpoint;
(2) The Physical Mind left it's position as object to the Spirit Mind;
(3) The Physical Mind reversed the dominion over the Spirit Mind;
(4) The Physical Mind multiplies evil, going against God's will constantly

Consequently, the four fallen natures originate from the physical mind. This is the reason why people do not need to study humanism to be humanistic. It comes automatically from ones fallen nature. Humanism, is only providing our Evil Nature with ideological excuse.

3. Humanism is an Ideological expression of the Four Fallen Natures

Humanism, is in fact, the Ideological expression of the Four Fallen Natures. Physical Mind can never see from God's view point, no matter how much it tries - only Spiritual Mind can do that. Thus people led by their Physical Mind naturally go against God's will even when they want to follow it. Physical Mind left it's position as an object to the Spiritual Mind and reversed dominion over it, which is the root of the Second and Third Fallen Natures; Leaving ones position and reversing dominion.

Internal war expressed as a cultural war

Since the Fall, Physical Mind constantly suppressed the Spirit Mind desires and rejects them as evil by multiplying evil thoughts and philosophy instead. This fierce cultural war is external projection of this inner unresolved struggle. Humanism developed as the philosophical expression of the external reasoning of numerous philosophers. Yet, being centered on their physical minds they ended up excusing the fallen natures and their own fallen desires, instead of bringing a true solution.

A real ideological battle is carried out today for the minds of the youth

This article is not talking about all humanists but specifically about the danger of the Secular Humanism and the moral degradation it brought.

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This wonderful article specifically exposes their evil, satanic philosophy expressed int he 'Humanist Manifesto'.

It's true, the historic development of the humanistic philosophy came to be expressed in different forms today. Marxism-Communism and the Secular Humanism are the two major trends; both very evil and destructive for the society and the world. Both expression of Satan's thought.

The ideas behind the Secular Humanism today are not systematized by philosophers but by psychologists. Even simple look at the 'Humanist manifesto' shows that they use underhanded manipulative techniques.

Extreme individualism and abolition of the family is optimistically explained to be the way of fulfilling our highest dreams. The reality however is quite different; moral degradation, lose of trust, growing suicide rate and drug abuse.

The vicious attacks from the side of humanism on any raise of moral consciousness reveals their evil nature. Even mentioning evident facts is immediately attacked by them as 'hatred'.

In fact all the major points of the Humanist manifesto are written in the way to protect 'the four fallen natures' and portray any attack on them as evil. Thus secular humanism could grow to a truly evil and dangerous satanic sect while looking good in the eyes of the ignorant.

But the greatness of this article is that it reveals the origin of this satanic humanism - our own physical mind. The limited animal mind in ourselves is the origin of this philosophy.

The cultural war today is in fact expression of the war between our own mind and body (physical mind vs. spiritual mind). Throughout the history the philosophical expression of these two has been developed in the two trends, Cain-type philosophy and Abel-type philosophy. In these last days we witness their final clash. This final Cultural War is to bring the true Humanism and Godism to merge, the vertical and horizontal to unite.

Only true humanism centered on God, the absolute moral values and altruism (living for the sake of others) can bring true liberation of humanity and the fulfillment of our ultimate dreams.

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