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The Yongpyong Resort

The Yongpyong Resort

If you think of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, do you think of Golf, Resorts, Sports, Soccer, Press Agency. The man usually associated with putting the end of Communism and the peace talks in the Middle East and with North Korea has the best resort in Korea.

The September 2010 issue of the influential South Korean news monthly Shin Dong-A has an article on the golf course of the Birch Hill Golf Club, which is a part of the Yong Pyong Resort affiliated with Tongil Group. No translation needed on this one. The photos say more than enough.

The Yongpyong Resort is located at a very inhabitable range of 700 meters above sea level. Yongpyong Resort is found at the eastern edge of Asia, about 200km from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. With an annual snowfall average of 250cm, the surrounding area possesses a beautiful environment, which allows for the enjoyment of a wide array of winter sports including skiing from mid-November to early April. On its 4,300 acres, you will find a 45-hole golf course, 31 ski slopes, premium hotels, European-style condominiums and many other leisure facilities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The Yongpyong Resort was born in 1975 as the first ever modern facility of its kind in South Korea. Now it is innovating a new leisure culture known as "Korea's Ski Mecca" with a growing reputation as an internationally-renowned resort.

Adding to the usual anticipation and excitement that make up the joy of going on a trip, YongPyong offers the mystic wonder of falling asleep with this joy. By 2010, YongPyong will have 2,800 rooms, capable of accommodating 18,000 guests, together with some 20 facilities for hosting parties and conventions of various sizes.

The unsurpassed natural surroundings, abundant snowfall, and excellent snow quality highlight the attributes of its ski slopes. The total area of 1,620 hectares, with 31 ski slopes, 15 chair lifts, and 3.7km of gondola, offers skiers the best conditions for showing off their technique.

YongPyongs 45-hole golf course consists of two 18-hole courses, a 9-hole public course, 6 holes for pitch and putter, and two driving ranges. It blends beautifully with the surrounding nature, making the course highly sought after among Korean golfers.

If golf is not attractive to you, we are fully prepared to suggest alternatives for your pleasure. If you like swimming or mountain biking, or would rather play tennis, we can amply satisfy your hearts desires. Our more than 30 indoor and out door facilities for leisure sports will let you experience many different kinds of pleasure.

YongPyong Resort also provides a complete suite of diverse banquet halls and seminar rooms to accommodate all of your needs for a successful event. We possess the know-how of having successfully hosted large-scale international events such as the Winter Asian Games and the World Cup Ski competition. Read more

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