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Spiritual Experience: Like the windows of Heaven were opened

Spiritual Experience with God: The windows of Heaven were opened


Like the windows of Heaven were opened... we are living in right now, the time of the return of the Lord, in a Messianic Age

Prepare for the return

Alaska is a wild place to live, but my search for gold was not "panning out" too well. Days and weeks working in the cold rivers left me tired. One day, on a hunting trip, I met two men who told me to prepare for the return of Jesus, who could be arriving any day. They read to me from their Bible as we sat on a hilltop overlooking the Yukon River valley, waiting for a moose to pass by, our rifles in our hands.

I was struck by their words and wondered what I should do, and asked them what they thought. They were not so helpful, simply telling me that for me to be accepted by God, it would have to be a very powerful work of the Lord. I guess that the impression I gave them was not too favorable, in terms of my faith, appearance, and potential.

Arriving in Eugene

But after parting company, I harbored a deep desire to continue in the new embryonic faith I had found, by finding for myself the path that I should take. Deciding I should leave Alaska, I traveled to my home state of Oregon to see family and friends and share my thoughts with them. Arriving in Eugene in January, I was on a street when I bumped into two strangers who would become my best friends.

They told me we were entering a Messianic Age, that the Messiah was with us, and that I was welcome to study the scriptures with them. I agreed with their offer and the studies were like the windows of Heaven were opened.

I understood things from the Bible so clearly, like never before, and armed with the power of understanding the providence and work of God, I wanted to tell everyone about this age that we are living in right now, the time of the return of the Lord.

My life changed

That was when my life changed, turned around, and began to bring me so much happiness. I met the Messiah, The Lord of the Second Advent. I was grabbed in my heart, but how could I tell to the others. I always thank God for that time that was so precious so many years ago.

Today, I continue my journey of faith and feel that we are now so much closer to that world of peace than ever before. Please read more personal testimonies and find out who is the Messiah. He is already on Earth. He went through suffering and persecution. Pray that you may recognize him.

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  2. Nearly nine out of 10 people in the United States say they believe in heaven, according to a recent ABC News poll. But what exactly do people think of when they think of an afterlife and what do they believe is required to get there?

    Barbara Walters traveled to India, Israel and throughout the United States, interviewing religious leaders, scientists, believers and non-believers alike to get a range of perspectives on heaven and the afterlife. ..

    It seems to me that the windows of heaven open when we experience the inspiration of discovering God’s truth, an insight into the heart and love of God for us, and this is life-changing.

    What is more important than discovering the age we are living in as the messianic age? The messianic age must be an age when heaven becomes real - it must indeed be an era of peace and reconciliation, where the universe will ring with justice; where the saints and good people whose hearts have been trampled on will be vindicated and free to express and share the heart and love of God among all humanity as one family under God. Link: One-family-under-god.blogspot.com <a href="http:// One-family-under-god.blogspot.com/"

    Barbara Walters talked with Mitch Albom, author of "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," to get his personal take on the afterlife:

    Albom tells Walters, "There's one thing I would say about heaven. If you believe that there's a heaven, your life here on Earth here is different. You may believe that you're gonna see your loved ones again. So the grief that you had after they're gone isn't as strong. You may believe that you'll have to answer for your actions. So the way you behave here on Earth is changed. So in a certain way, just believing in the idea of heaven is heavenly in and of itself," he said.

    Thanks for sharing your insight on heaven, understanding the Bible, the messiah and the difference it made in your life – as a life-changing experience of hope for all humanity.


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