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The predictions of Bulgarian Prophetess Baba Vanga

Prophesies of Vanga, baba Vanga Grandma Vanga, Bulgarian famous clairvoyant
The predictions of Bulgarian Prophetess Vanga
Messianic personality will bring unity and peace

Messianic person, with teachings and work exactly matching the Korean religious leader Sun Myung Moon, will bring eternal peace, according to Vanga

Prophesies of Vanga, Bulgarian famous clairvoyant, are also associated with its predictions for the Second Coming! Prophecies of Baba Vanga (Grandma Vanga), as she is called, clearly foresee upcoming unification of religions in the way that the Korean religious leader, San Myung Moon, aims to achieve it. But if Moon is this peacemaker of Vanga's prophecies, it is that from accepting him depends the establishment of lasting peace and prosperity for the humankind.
"The one who will sign the final contract for the peace of the planet." "Christ will come again on earth in white robes. There comes a time when certain people will feel in their hearts the return of Christ"
Vanga (Grandma Vanga) became a prophet # 1 in Russia with her prediction of the sinking of the "Kursk" 20 years before the tragedy happened. Books and articles on Vanga are read a lot, but rarely concentrate on her Messianic prophecies. There are many interesting events and predictions of Vanga concerning Bulgaria, Russia, America and the world. But way more interesting are the predictions about " bright future "which this peacemaker will bring.

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Let me briefly discuss the predictions of Baba Vanga concerning the coming Messiah - peacemaker, who she says "will sign the eternal peace." Why are the activities and teachings that mentions Vanga, as accurately matching to those of the Korean religious leader, San Myung Moon?

Prophecies of Vanga to date are completely true, but are the facts given by her about this Messiah also correct? In the words of Baba Vanga: " We need one God "" Do not argue each other..." This also is the fundamental teachings and the essence of the efforts of Dr. Moon.

Coincidence or recognition of the truth
Should we accept it as strange, that millions already consider Reverend Moon as the Messiah? The surprising thing is that not only followers of his teachings think this way. If few decades ago Rev. Moon was greeted with great distrust, misunderstanding and persecution, today prominent religious leaders of all denominations freely proclaim, that Dr. Moon is indeed the promised Messiah, and should stop looking in the clouds. His achievements in support of peace are simply unbeatable and hardly achievable for anyone without God's help.
Just as Vanga predicted, Moon was born in the East. In a country associated with "white clothes" - Korea.
Just as Vanga prophecies , Rev. Moon not only work for the unification of religions for the sake of world peace, but he is already achieving such unity. In that respect, in recent years, he has been at the center of peace achievements in the Middle East.

Just as Vanga predicted, Moon caries many peace projects around the world. Among them is the foretold by Vanga World Highway with super-speed trains. Let me remind you, that the meeting with Kim Il Sung and the current peace talks with North Korea are also due to the work of Rev. Moon's organizations.

Just as Vanga predicted, there is one God and in the future everyone will accept and believe one doctrine - the doctrine of that Messianic personality. The teachings of Rev. Moon had already impressed representatives of all religions and of politics, science, left, right, east and west ... This makes it clear, that this is the only doctrine which all can accept.
A little was known of Rev. Moon's role in ending the atheistic Communism. The role of Dr. Moon for the collapse of totalitarian regimes is immense. We've all been affected by the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, but did we realize that 95% of the information came from the newspaper of this Korean man, The Washington Times. This was one of the main reasons for the enormous persecution and negativity against him in the past.

He will sign the eternal peace
All of the hundreds of organizations and projects sponsored by Rev. Moon, are wholeheartedly focused and dedicated on achieving a lasting world peace. His aims are not just smearing the eye with some beautiful slogans and fictive projects. On the contrary, all his efforts are focused on permanent elimination of the problems from the very root - and at all levels: family, moral, inter-religious, inter-racial and inter-national. To fight the consequences will never erase the problem. But once you eliminate the root, claim Unificationists, the problems will disappear once and for good. We can not deny that this is really very insightful and Messianic vision. One can wonder why no politician or religious leader has didn't think of it, or simply did not want to act so. Dr. Moon invested and has done more to solve global problems than any government.

Facts about this controversial figure are only now becoming clear. Let's not kid ourselves; Nobody invests billions in favor of peace, if that is not the sincere purpose of his heart. Only the negative once, filed with hatred, prejudice, narrow-mindedness, are still blocked in their hearts to see and understand. And my study shoes, this are a small percentage of people... but actually his doctrine allows all problems to be solved and makes all unresolved questions answered in clear and understandable way, so everyone can agree.

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His teachings are not narrow-minded and sectarian, as often some tried to convince us. On the contrary, they open the way for both the spiritual and the scientific revolution in understanding, study and endeavor. His main objective is to establish a "Culture of Heart and uniting in the world," As One Family Under God."

leaves us nothing but to accept these predictions with curiosity and keep a closer look at Rev. Moon and his work. It's just too late for another to be born and fulfill the prophecies better than him. Our only hope is that he will succeed in these beautiful ideals, as predicted.

Predictions in support of Vanga:
Could it be really that the future peace depends on whether humanity will follow the guidance of Rev. Sun Myung Moon? Is it possible that there are facts about the person of Dr. Moon who will soon shock the world? In a 1000 years old Korean prophecy has been written about the appearance of a "True man" in Korea:
"He will come (2001-2025) and unify the world.. Foolish people will not recognize it. The one who is to come will establish a foundation in the early part of his life. In his latter years (2001-2025) he will accomplish the will of God.."

"He will suffer and shed tears of blood... and reach out to the four corners of the world. He will unite Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity and he will come as the true man.. He is the one who builds the new Heaven, new earth and the clean and clear new world."
It's predicted that he will suffer before being recognized,

"This man will surely achieve his goal after enduring much difficulty. All people of the world must accept and uphold these words as God's own commandment. He is the one who comes to this world from Heaven in the last days, to save every person on earth."

He will be born in the north part of the Korean peninsular,
"The one comes from a peninsula on a corner of the eastern continent... born north of the 38-th parallel and comes with God's great mission.. He is the one prophesied to come.. "king of the clouds".. and those who follow him will prosper."

"Foolish people will see him but they will not recognize him. They will hear him but not understand. It's lamentable. Be diligent and try hard, and do not miss the Heavenly-given time.. Peace in the world will be achieve."

Savior is the one which appeared not the first but second. His family name will be hidden when it is sent to earth from Heaven. This family name is Moon. "

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Prophecies of Nostradamus for this millennium (The Millennium) are also associated with the emergence of Messianic personality. He will be born in the East, the Orient, the yellow race. He will be much persecuted and jailed repeatedly. "He will unify the religions against red (communism)". Nostradamus says even his name - "Moon". This new religious leader, according to Nostradamus, will unite all existing philosophies and religions. Wherever he went he would bless the families in large mass weddings. ... Read more

Prophesies of Vanga, baba Vanga Grandma Vanga, Bulgarian famous clairvoyant


  1. Vangelia - Baba Vanga, is a true prophetess for Bulgaria, recognized in many other nations, despite the fact that she was blind. I know two mothers that asked her about Rev. Moon, because their children joined the Unification Church. She scolded them for being against their own children, and said that their children are OK, but they should correct themselves.

    In another occasion, the daughter was supposed to be matched by Rev. Moon and the mother was worrying. Baba Vanga appeared in her dream and told her that this is good and she should be proud.

    Similarly, when prominent exorcist from Vatican, Archbishop Milingo, met Unification Church, Jesus appeared to him and told him to receive a marriage Blessing from Rev. Moon and work to transform the Catholic Church - to accept marriage for the Priests.

  2. Baba Vanga (1911-1996) predicted that at the turn of the century, Kursk will be covered with water; American brothers would fall under attacks of birds of steel; look, what will happen in Syria; there will come a day when cancer will be chained (the drug will "contain" a lot of iron); AIDS will be chained in iron; oil will stop and the earth will rest; people will discover a new kind of energy; LUNAR helium-3 is a fuel for nuclear reactors; trains will fly; USSR will be renewed in the first quarter of the 21st century; in 2050, people will travel huge distances at a very fast speeds (almost 300,000 km/s). Very strong magnetic fields will beat gravitational fields.


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