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God answered to my prayer: Personal Testimony

God, Allah, answered to my prayer: A Muslim who joined the Unification Church
Personal Testimony

God answered my prayer

Ali Mahjoub's live story
"Suddenly, from the sky, a message came down to me as fast as the speed of light. The words were written on my forehead and spoken simultaneously, and His words said "Son! Why are you so troubled?"

I would like to share my experience with God as our Father. I was grown as a Muslim. After attending 2-7 and 21-Day simultaneous workshops in the Unification Church, I had a defining moment the day I was asked if I want to join in the Unification Movement. I loved everything about the Divine Principle and i enjoyed the friendly company of church members, but I was hesitant about joining.
Make your own decision

As my spiritual father was talking to me and trying to help make my mind, my spiritual mother, Jacinta tried to help. She said, "Ali, we are not here to push, nor to force you to join our movement; you are old enough to make your decision.There is nothing hidden about our movement. You spent almost forty days with us learning our teaching. We have done all we could to help you."

As she pointed to the forest she added, "Go there and pray and ask God for help to tell you what to do." I mildly retaliated and made a cheap comment saying "Oh Yah, God is going to speak to me and tell me what to do, just like that. If God could do that with me, why couldn't He end the misery and suffering in the world".

My prayer to God
I knew deep inside that I was crossing the line with God. Anyway to make my story short. I went deep into the forest and came to a ravine and find a spot that I felt is good place for a prayer.

And as I was ready, I closed my eyes, and muttering like a little boy I said " Heavenly Father, I am sorry to call you Father. My religion(Islam) forbids me to call you Father. But I would love to be your son. I would love to call you Father, but i am not worthy. I love this group. I learned so much about you in their teaching, but there is so much controversy about them."

God spoke to me
Suddenly, from the sky, a message came down to me as fast as the speed of light. The words were written on my forehead and spoken simultaneously, and the words said "Son! Why are you so troubled? If you are sincerely doing it for me, wouldn't I be with you? Wouldn't I save you even if you are in the most dangerous group"?

Isn't it amazing! God does speak to his people! This is an answer not only to Christians, but to Muslims as well! Muslims need to understand that God is our Heavenly Father.

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