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God and Satan: The True Story

God and Satan

The true story behind this history of evil, wars and suffering

God said, "The Messiah will be born and he will teach them how to love." "No!" - answered Satan, "I will make them proud, so they will criticize everyone else and bring more hatred and evil"

This is the true story of how it all began. Once upon a time, God said, "I will create men and women and they will fill the world with love, creating beautiful families, raising happy children." It took him 3 billion years to create the basic atoms. The universe was expanding. Few billion years later he could create the more heavy elements necessary to create life.

He prepared a small planet in the Milky Way galaxy, saying: "I want them to have the best position to observe the universe, explore and understand how I created everything. I will make them capable of feeling my heart and understanding the universal laws and principles. Thus, they will be my children and they will be able to create by themselves, once they inherit my heart."

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God's Children
After millions of years of writing and sophisticating the DNA program, finally the day came when his first son and daughter could be born. At the birth he gave them spirit, beyond that of any animal, so they can have direct connection to him and dominate the rest of the creation with love.

There was only one thing they were not allowed; To consume the fruit of sexual love before their hearts were mature. As every parent, God knew, that if they entered in immature love relationships, they will produce immature children incapable to relate with Him.

Lucifer was God's first helper and he knew that. He was God's favorite and a leader of the angels. His joy was to fulfill each request of God. But soon he found himself in uneasy position. God's children were growing and doing things by themselves. God was giving more love and attention to them. So jealousy grew in his heart. Only when they grew to perfection he could experience even more love through them, but he did not have patience for that. 

Satan and the Free Sex
As older and more mature Lucifer fascinated Eve and led her into the only thing she was not yet to do. He seduced her in sexual love and conveyed all his heavy feelings into her innocent heart. 

That's how the love that was to be the most holy, beautiful pinnacle of God's creation, turned self-centered, unprinciple, connected with sharing displeased feelings and misusing the partner. This was the origin of mistrust and all evil that came into the world.

Eve's conscience soon felt guilty, she felt disconnected from God. She tried to share her fears and pain with Adam who was still pure, but the only thing she did was to seduce him in the same sexual lust. Consummating immature fruit they left their descendants immature, connected with Satan's blood.

This is how God lost his children. Now they and their descendants where tied in blood with spiritual being, Lucifer and he became Satan - a false father and false god to humankind.

Now Adam and Eve's hearts were immature, selfish and filled with fear, worries, resentments and distrust. How could they even function normally? They were originally created to live only in complete oneness with God.

Criminal Against Humanity
Then Satan told to God, "Whatever you do, I will always lead them in the opposite direction." God said, "Some of my children will still sense what's good and through them I will restore humanity." "No", answered Satan, "I will make others do evil to them and I'll make them hate it. They will be full with resentment and too will become my children, perpetuating animosity and evil."

God said, "A child will be born without sin. His name will be Jesus and he will teach them how to love one another, instead of hate." "No", answered Satan, "They will follow him, but instead of love I will make them proud, so they will criticize everyone else and bring more hatred, wars and conflicts instead of love. So they will also be my children, not yours."

The Last Days of Satan
God was full with pain and sorrow, but he didn't give up. "I will raise a pure son and daughter, and they will create the first True Family; restoring the mistake of Adam and Eve. They will teach the whole humanity to live as one united family centered on me, in peace, love and harmony, beyond religion, nationality and race. Once such families spread you will be helpless to multiply your evil ways."

Then Satan became desperate and started spreading free sex by all means possible. He was bombarding God's children from everywhere; utilizing any lie and deception.

"I will not leave even one pure child in this world, capable to create stable family", he thought. "Children will be born from fornication, raised without two parents. I will distort even the concept of what is family."

Satan knew his time is soon over. This are the Last Days. The Messiah, the Second Advent of Christ, the True Parents, are already on the earth. It's only a matter of time until the world recognizes them and then Satan's power will be destroyed once and forever. He himself will have to obey and be restored to his original position. 

Now everything is finished, the foundation to build the first model nations is here. All the heaven and earth, all the spiritual and physical world should sing, "How wonderful new world is coming!"  

Experience with God: I looked to the sky and I read: "The Messiah is on the Earth"
Satan's philosophy: Secular Humanism


  1. Nice story. Very simple and direct to the point.

  2. Bible, bible story, true story, Free Sex between Adam and Eve, angel, angels, Jesus, Jesus Christ, God and Satan, God, fallen angel-archangel Lucifer Satan, Heaven, the fall fall of man, Last Days

    Religions started by Angels
    Paradise Lost: it begins after Satan and the other rebel angels have been defeated and cast by.. God put Adam and Eve in the Garden and instructed them not to taste the sexual love before they are mature.

    Eve was seduced sexually by Archangel Lucifer (Satan) to taste the sexual forbidden fruit.

    Later the fallen angels where having sex with women and teaching man to homosexuality and free sex. The world became so perverted that God had to end that evil civilization by the flood judgment.

    Archangel Raphael: Raphael is an angel who was sent by God to warn Adam about that... also of Cain and Abel in Genesis, up through the story of Jesus in the New Testament Raphael, Gabriel and Michael where guiding the appearance of different religions to help God restore his lost children.

    That's why we see that Gabriel gave revelations to prophets in the bible, but also to prophet Mohamed and to the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith.

    when angels give revelations, humans can easily misunderstand or interpret in their own human way. Thus religions where deviating here and there from the revelations of God and becoming more and more divided.

    Religions understood things partially and through human viewpoint so they were becoming obstacle for God to give them deeper truth, since it didn't fit with their human interpretations. This created big obstacles for God and God's angels to guide humanity. The fallen angel, Lucifer, could always mislead even the best religions and put them in conflict against God's purpose.

    God's heart was suffering ever since, until finally came the Second Advent - the True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Moon could restore the position of True, Restored Adam and Eve, and reveal all these secrets of the biblical history.

  3. r
    Religion is bullshit a way Satan is corrupting people the is only 1 god and and every religion has 1 thing in common revelation from god and in none of that does religion gt mentioned you find god in your hart and you gt more closer to him thru faith in him. And these people claiming to have the answer and way to god are blasphemers Muslim Christian Jew what ever god has no religion you even see that in the books in all the books humanity came from 1.Adam and eve (Just to say 1 thing we all believe am not going to go into a the others) stop trying to find god in people you find god in your heart. , Rev. and Mrs. Moon I hope god saves you and you ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ ЗА МИР the devil is a deceiver and has a pace in the church find god yourself and a connection with him. You yourself has the same power these two claim to have, we a have. God bless..

    1. Shut up anonymous ^. you're the blasphemer. lol you write God bless yet you falsely accuse and judge. How sad!! Get a life and grow up. If you don't have anything nice to write/say then don't write/say anything at all. Simple.

  4. True, God has no religion - he stimulated them all. Because he is Parent to all people, God never stops working in the hearts of every individual for their salvation. Yet, God has no hand or mouth - he has to work through us, His children. Therefore God has always worked through chosen people to give His Word and lead humanity forward. You can be selfish and jealous about that, but God and Jesus were working with Rev. San Myung Moon.

    His fruits for Peace are clearly showing that. If I want to know who Dr. Moon is, I would surely ask God and look at his works and teachings, rather than asking a selfish, jealous, narrow-minded guy, as the Anonymous from the previous comment.


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