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Research shows no Genetic cause to homosexuality

Homosexuality, Sexuality, Free sex, Free sex, Richard Cohen, Genetic, Gay healing, Change,

No Genetic cause to homosexuality

By Y.M. UTS | Unification Family Therapy.
Research shows, There is no Genetic cause to homosexuality, it results from environmental and familial issues

The American College of Pediatricians released fact-sheet for use, stating, "There is no Genetic cause to homosexuality. It's caused by environmental, familial and temporal issues". Therefore is definitely reversible and changeable.

Let's help this minority who want to come out of homosexuality. They deserve the right of self determination, the right to be healed by this divination. They have the right to be normal.

There is no conclusive scientific data that proves there is a simple biological or genetic cause for homosexuality. Scientific research indicates that although biological and genetic factors may play a part, homosexual desires stem from the complex interaction of psychological, environmental and temperamental influences. For more detail please click here.

Richard Cohen was healed from homosexuality. He knows how people with unwanted homosexual feeling feel. Thousands of people around the world want this healing and they don't even know it exists.

Research demonstrates that change is possible. The path to healing is four-fold: 1) understand the causes of SSA, 2) gain support from others, 3) fulfill unmet love needs in healthy, nonsexual same-gender relationships, and 4) heal the wounds that created the SSA in the first place. After this, opposite-sex attractions emerge. For more detail please click here.

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Is homosexuality a problem in need to cure? "I went to several therapists and they told me it is not possible to heal, but I knew this is not true", says Richard Cohen. I'm a survivor of sexual abuse. That's one of the main reasons for homosexual orientation. In the 60's homosexuality was clearly listed as a psychological disease. In the 70's it was voted out by the prevailing pro-homosexual manipulation over the doctors. Which was not a medical conclusion at all.

These desires are very often the result of unresolved childhood wounds and unmet love needs. Choice is clearly involved in the decision whether or not to act on the desires. For more detail please click here.

Now Richard Cohen is not only healed and happily married, but he helped thousands of homosexuals be healed too. Research shows change is possible, and those who reversed from homosexual to heterosexual feel happier and way more free.

Richard Cohen, M.A., a psychotherapist and educator, is one of the leading experts in the field of sexual reorientation and the author of Coming Out Straight: Understanding and Healing Homosexuality, Gay Children Straight Parents: A Plan for Family Healing and Straight Talk About Homosexuality: The Other Side of Tolerance.
Homosexuality, Sexuality, Free sex, Free sex, Richard Cohen, Genetic, Gay healing, Change,
Stories of Change

Richard Cohen counsels men and women who seek to “heal out of homosexuality.” His teaching and speaking work is through the International Healing Foundation which he founded after earning his master’s degree. Richard Cohen’s master’s degree is in counseling psychology. He is the author of several books including Alfie’s Home, Coming Out Straight – Understanding and Healing Homosexuality, and Gay Children, Straight Parents: A Plan for Family Healing. In the past he served three years as an AIDS educator for the American Red Cross, worked for Catholic Community Services in Child Abuse Treatment and Family Reconciliation Services, and worked as a volunteer helping individuals with AIDS.
Homosexuality, Sexuality, Free sex, Free sex, Richard Cohen, Genetic, Gay healing, Change,
Welcome! Chances are you’ve come here looking for answers. We’ve designed our website with you in mind. You will find healing solutions for men and women with unwanted same-sex attraction, hope and understanding for parents and loved ones, and training for therapists and ministry leaders.
Homosexuality, Sexuality, Free sex, Free sex, Richard Cohen, Genetic, Gay healing, Change,

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