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History of Revolution and Awakening: Revolutions brought by Sect or Cults

History of Revolution and Awakening: Revolutions brought by Sect or Cults, book, books

History of Revolution and Awakening

Those who brought revolutions in history where often named as Sects and Cult
External Revolution and Internal Revolution

Prior to external revolutions of which history is most aware comes the internal revolution of heart and thought. Prior to the American Revolution was the Great Awakening. Prior to the Glorious Revolution in England, and the Puritan Revolution before that, was the Protestant Reformation. On the other side of the page, prior to the French Revolution was the skeptical Enlightenment, and prior to the Russian Revolution were the utopian socialists.

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If we look more closely, the revolutionaries of heart and thought also wrought external changes within their spheres of influence, changes that a generation or two later hit the big screen, as it were. Luther's revolution in religious thought immediately wrought changes in the northern German principalities. Zwingli and Calvin engineered revolutionary changes in Zurich, Geneva and other Swiss city-states. A generation before the Puritan revolution in England, the Puritans had set up their new model government in New England. And the evangelicals of the Great Awakening wrought local changes in church-state relations in the American colonies a generation prior to the Revolution of 1776.

We can ask the question: what is the revolution that the world needs today? We need internal revolution of heart and conscience. This is precisely the Revolution Reverend Sun Myung Moon works to bring about. If we look at his ministry we cannot but be amazed by what he had achieved to set the foundation for such an internal, spiritual, moral revolution to take place. Rev. Moon is determined to change the course of humanity by the year 2012, so that new "Golden Age", "Age of Peace", "Age of Spiritual Awakening" will start from then on.

What is the fate of Revolution-caries?

Revolutionaries first being demonized
Leaders who amass enough following and have the vision to impact society are being always demonized by name-calling, portrait as sect and cult. Typical terms of opprobrium are brainwashing, cult and cult leader, slave labor, white supremacy, black supremacy, anti-democratic, etc. etc. Some groups remain forever in this sphere-and perhaps they deserve to!

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Elijah Mohammed, whose Nation of Islam was for most of his life relegated to the demonization stage, by the end of his life was lauded by Richard Daley (Sr.), Mayor of Chicago. The Nation was, by then, safe for human consumption, at least in its home city. The Latter Day Saints have emerged out of the demonization stage and are fairly domesticated, as are earlier demonic cults in America such as the Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Scientists, Quakers, Rastafarians and Roman Catholics.

Being accepted in the as the main stream often involves economic success replacing the revolutionary dreams of the founding generation. John Humphrey Noyes sexual experimental Oneida Community, driven out of Vermont and harassed in New York, turned into a major manufacturer of quality dinnerware. The Amana Community, another nineteenth-century American experimental community, while not as radical as Noyes', nonetheless settled down to manufacture kitchen appliances. The Adventists are big into breakfast cereals. The hippies of the sixties turned into the entrepreneurs and school administrators of the 80s and 90s. Jane Fonda runs CNN. The temptation of American affluence can temper the revolutionary fervor of almost everyone. Domestication can also be called "entering the mainstream."

This is not at all bad. Essential ideas endure, in a distilled form, through the three-stages, and have their effect upon society at large, mixing with a multitude of other ideas from other sources. A critical factor here, perhaps the most critical, is the energy of the revolutionary vanguard. One wants two things: the ideas to remain pristine, on the one hand, and the ideas to gain currency, on the other. The ante-bellum abolitionists had to temper their advocacy in order to develop the political coalitions necessary to their ultimate success. The more domesticated, the more the ideas can come through, albeit in a more homogenized, socially acceptable form. And, in balance, the more the ideas remain in their pristine state, the less easy it is for them to gain currency-or, the more the vanguard must sacrifice to create the social space in which those seminal ideas can gain a hearing.

Peaceful Revolution: Revolution of Heart and Conscience

One thing that can be said about Reverend Sun Myung Moon is that he is not going to be domesticated. Our movement, at least in America, has encountered numerous points at which we could have mainstreamed ourselves, opting for religious compromise, political leverage and economic advantage. But the Founder never goes that way. He is always pushing the envelope, leaving his followers, many of whom view things from the "it's time to domesticate" perspective, continually catching up. You want examples?

Among the numerous fields Rev. Moon is now pioneering, two stand out in my mind. One is his work in the arena of True Family Values-specifically, the revitalization of the institution of marriage among youth. These may seem disparate undertakings at first glance, but they are not.

Consider the disasters in America's high schools over the past two years, with the latest being the killings in Colorado. We cannot explain it simply in human terms. There are deep moral ealls of our society. We need a moral revolution; Revolution of love, Revolution of Heart, Revolution of Conscience. In any case, Reverend Moon is working on the fronline to change the situation of youth today.

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In history, Those who
brought revolutions in history where often named as Sects and Cults, History of Revolution and Awakening: Revolutions brought by Sect or Cults, book, books revolution history, historical

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  1. Malcom X was actually a radical supporter of the rights of Black people in America and pushed separatism. But was further rehabilitated. See recent movie "Malcolm X with Denzel Washington.

    Later the Nation of Islam cooperated with Rev.Moon group and organized so called “Million People March” as was said for family values.
    By parallel Sun Myung Moon’s church recently also seeks rehabilitation very much and it looks they got many recognitions for peace activity. Rev.Moon connected with UN.


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