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Was Prophet Muhammad a Terrorist?!

Was Prophet Muhammad a Terrorist?!

Was Prophet Muhammad a Terrorist?! Those who numerous times tried to kill him and persecuted him, he send them food when there was hunger. Coming back victorious he didn't judge them. Here are the quotes from prophet Mohammad himself:
  • Whoever loves to meet God, God loves to meet him.
  • A perfect Muslim is one from whose tongue and hands mankind is safe.
  • Power consists not in being able to strike another,
    but in being able to control oneself when anger arises.
  • Happy is the person who finds fault with himself
    instead of finding fault with others.
  • Every religion has a distinctive virtue
There is one more prophet of our time who did the same. Rev. Moon prayed for 40 years for his enemies who did everything to kill and destroy him, yet finally he could come and embrace them. Here are his personal words about the Interreligious conflicts.
Injustice Cannot Defeat Injustice
Illiteracy is a problem in the Middle East so terrorist recruits have never read the real Qur'an.

Religious Conflicts and the Way to Peace

Words of The Champion of Religious Peace, Rev. Sun Myung Moon

People think of each other as enemies across these lines of division and refuse to open their hearts to one another.

The Blessing Overcomes Historic Boundaries
The most dangerous religious sect: HUMANISM
When we look at human history, we see that the most brutal and cruel wars were not those fought between nations but those between races. Among these, the worst were wars between races where religion was used as a pretext.

In the Bosnian civil war, said to be one of the worst ethnic conflicts of the twentieth century, thousands, including many children, were brutally massacred. I am sure you remember the terrorist incident of September 11, 2001, when thousands of innocent lives were lost as the World Trade Center buildings in New York were completely destroyed after passenger planes were crashed into them.

Recently, too, in the Gaza Strip in Palestine as well as in southern Israel, hundreds have lost their lives as a result of that intense conflict. Homes have been destroyed, and people are living on the brink of death. All this is the grim result of conflicts between ethnic groups and between religions.

What makes people hate and kill each other like this? Of course there are many reasons, but religious differences are almost always connected. This was true with the Gulf War, which was fought over oil. It is true with the Arab–Israeli conflict over control of Jerusalem. When racism uses religion as a pretext, the problem becomes extremely complex. The evil ghosts of the religious wars that we thought had ended in the Middle Ages continue to haunt us in the twenty-first century.

Religious wars continue to occur because many politicians use the enmity between religions to satisfy their selfish designs. In the face of political power, religions often waver and lose their way. They lose sight of their original purpose, which is to exist for the sake of peace. All religions have a responsibility to advance the cause of world peace. Yet, lamentably, we see that religions instead become the cause of conflict. Behind this evil we find the machinations of politics, with its power and money. The responsibility of a leader, above all else, is to keep the peace. Yet leaders often seem to do the opposite and lead the world into confrontation and violence.

Leaders use the language of religion and nationalism to hide their selfish ambitions. Unless their hearts are set right, countries and nationalities will wander in confusion. Religion and love of one’s nation are not evil in their essence. They are valuable if these impulses are used to contribute to building a global human community.

When the claim is made that only a particular religion or ethnic group is right and when other religions and ethnic groups are treated with disdain and attacked, religion and love of nation lose their value. When a religion goes so far as to trample on others and treat other religions as worthless, it no longer embodies goodness. The same is true when love of nation is used to emphasize the righteousness of a person’s own country over others.

The truth of the universe is that we must acknowledge each other and help each other. Even the smallest animals know this. Cats and dogs do not get along, but if you raise them in the same household, they embrace each other’s offspring and are friendly toward each other.

We see the same thing in plants. The vine that winds its way up a tree depends on the trunk to support it. The tree, however, does not say, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing, winding your way up my trunk?” The principle of the universe is for everyone to live together, for the sake of one another. Anyone who deviates from this principle faces certain ruin.

If nationalities and religions continue maliciously to attack each other, humanity has no future. There will be an endless cycle of terror and warfare until one day we become extinct. But we are not without hope. Clearly there is hope.
I have lived my life without ever letting go of that hope and always kept alive the dream of peace.

What I want is to wipe away completely the walls and fences that divide the world in myriad ways and to create a world of unity. I want to tear down the walls between religions and between races and fill in the gap between the rich and the poor.

Once that is done, we can reestablish the world of peace that God created in the beginning. I am talking about a world where no one goes hungry and no one sheds tears.

To heal a world where there is no hope, and which is lacking in love, we need to go back to the pure hearts that we had as children. To shed our desire to possess ever-increasing amounts of material wealth and restore our beautiful essence as human beings, we need to go back to the principles of peace and the breath of love that we learned as we were being carried on our fathers’ backs.

Was Prophet Muhammad a Terrorist?!

Peace Messages from Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World - I
Establishing the Kingdom of Peace and Unity in Heaven and on Earth
The Ideal Heavenly Kingdom of Eternal Peace

Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart, Revolution of Conscience. Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart. The man who ended Communism is now dedicated to unite the efforts of all religions, all conscientious people for bringing world peace...

Was Prophet Muhammad a Terrorist?!


  1. While there are hundreds of orginizations and individuals talking and thinking about religious peace no one seems to have a concrete plan. I love Rev Moon's vision: World Peace comes through Ideal Families. The best families come from intereligious, interacial, intercultural marriages! All the walls and fences that divide the world gone- in one generation!

  2. The Prophet Muhammad, like the founders of all great world religions, sought the way to a peaceful world. Many of his followers misunderstood his teaching, due to their lack of study. Rev. Sun Myung Moon also is seeking that peaceful world, putting his efforts toward interreligious harmony instead of interreligious conflict. I believe he is a prophet who can help us greatly at this time. He also is misunderstood, but his whole life testifies to his good works, even if one goes back to his early years, to Rev. Moon’s Ministry in the 1950’s.

    Rev. Moon's 1950's Ministry

    Despite poverty and persecution, he blessed his enemies and returned goodness to them, even those who sought to take his life.

    If we want to see a world of peace in our time, we must listen to the truth, whenever and wherever it’s voice arises. Rev. Moon comes at this time to help usher in the new age that is opening now to us. We are blessed to live at this time of the dawn of world peace and harmony.

  3. Nice piece. Glad to know more about Prophet Mohammad. Religion is supposed to bring man closer to God's Ideal of LOVE, Peace and Harmony. Thanks to Rev. Sun Myung Moon who labored hard to elevate the standard of Religion closer and closer to God's ABSOLUTE standard. And what easier way to bring World Peace than Interracial, Inter-religious MARRIAGE?

  4. When I search for Mohammed Mohammad Koran Quran, Prophet of Doom, Mohammed Mohammad Koran Quran. Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Mohammed's Own Words...

    True History of Islam, Mohammed and the Koran. And I read fabrications like, "Prophet Muhammad Was a Terrorist Like the Present Day Muslims". They do not talk with knowledge of the subject. how can u come to a conclusion that Prophet Muhammed and people who follow him is terrorist. What is the truth about Muhammad, Islam, and Terrorism— Muhammadanism.

    Some say Defending Prophet Muhammad's Indictment takes being the Terrorists as not Muslims, but Communists, as they are in fact in their believe that progress comes with killing and terrorist attacks. That's what Karl Marks was teaching. This Terrorist ideology was the cause of the Cold War, which took 150 million lives.

    This video is good - Ali Sina Challenge: Was Prophet Muhammad a terrorist? Rather than killing civilians, Prophet Muhammad gave clear instructions not to kill women, children, or any peaceful person... PROPHET MOHAMMED Is not THE FIRST ISLAMIC TERRORIST. Those Islamic who followed Communist-Marxist ideas, they are the first Islamic Terrorists.

    Interreligious and International Marriages Liberate God's Heart by Overcoming Historic Resentments and Boundaries

    As Rev. Moon is teaching, humanity should understand that only true love, which is - living for the sake of others, can bring peace and prosperity. All religions should unite to create a new culture of heart and prevent such terrorist ideas from being even able to emerge in this world.

  5. This quote of Prophet Mohammed, "Power consists not in being able to strike another,
    but in being able to control oneself when anger arises." is so useful and profound to communicate what real Islam is about.

    Prophet Mohammed and the True Muslims are so misunderstood as exemplified by Mohamed, forgiving, Hinda, who had Mohammad's Uncle Hamza killed and ate his liver with his intestines wraped around her neck.

    Mohammad in the Dispensation for Restoration

    So similar is the misunderstanding by many of Rev. Moon as exemplified by his forgiving his enemies for the sake of world peace, and thus preventing a World War III.

    Embracing of Prison Camp Death Executioner

  6. Thank you for the nice comment. I went searching for books - book about Prophet Mohammed or books of Prophet Mohammed.

    Books on the Prophet Muhammad: One of the best books available about Prophet Muhammad and Islam. This book explores the nature of a miracle, the reasons why miracles are granted to prophets and takes a detailed look at the miracles granted to the... I found also about Prophet Muhammad (s) in Hindu Scriptures. All major books of the Hindus prophesy about Prophet Mohammad. In addition to many of his qualities, his life events, Abraham, Ka'bah, Bakkah (Makkah) - Description from Vedas talking about Prophet Mohammed. Description from Vedas talking about Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w). One hindu research professor, in his stunning book, claims that description of avatar...

    In the book, The Fate of Revolutionaries in America, we read, "Elijah Mohammed, whose Nation of Islam was for most of his life relegated to the demonization stage, by the end of his life was lauded by Richard Daley (Sr.), Mayor of Chicago. The Nation was, by then, safe for human consumption, at least in its home city. The Latter Day Saints have emerged out of the demonization stage and are fairly domesticated, as are earlier demonic cults in America such as the Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Scientists, Quakers, Rastafarians and Roman Catholics." Tyler Hendricks writes, "I would like to look at the ministry of our True Parents, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, in this context, and ask the question: what is the revolution that the world needs today?"

  7. Why Religions had to appear


    Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius are all instruments of God to restore God's lost children.

    1. May God send His blessings upon our master Mohammad peace be upon Him,unpon all His prophets from Adam to Mohammad Peace be upon them all,until the end of times ,more than the value that God gave them in the scale of His creation, may His blessings shower them even more than the number of atoms existing and may Our Creator guide us all to loving manners and open the gates of heaven to all of us.


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