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Imagine the Magical Dream of the Future World: See this Video

See this Video: Imagine and Dream

The Magical Future World

By Y.Marianov | Unification Family Therapy

Incredible change is to appear very soon. The world tomorrow will not be the same as today. An incredibly beautiful world is coming with a full force. Economy and politics and social life will undergo major changes for the benefit of mankind.

The technology — some of which appears to be in the not so distant future — includes touch screen televisions/computers, flexible display glass that syncs with smart phones, and a dashboard completely designed with automotive design glass.

Do you wonder what the future holds for us? Imagine what products can be utilized in the future. Technology will truly bring externally the ideal world beyond our dreams come true, yet there is one more thing we wish in our hearts:

I wish for a true love - strong and true,
I hoped that this love would be also with you

Bright Future beyond our Dreams
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, prophecy of the future world - Imagine the Magical Dream of the Future World: See this Video
Bulgarian prophetess, Baba Vanga, talks of discovering a new type of energy cumming from the Sun or that the projects would be powered by the Sun could mean - Sun Myung Moon. In fact he is the one who financed and promoted at UN a project for building a World Highway with super fast trains, which exactly corresponds to Vanga's prophecies.

New ethnology
The technology narrows the line between spiritual and physical
Superhuman HEROES:
Real Super Powers of phenomenal people. See the video
The power of thinking
Anti-stress therapy - Unification Family Therapy
In Sun Myung Moon's own words, his "projects will bind the world together as one village. They will tear down the man-made walls of race, culture, religion and country, and establish the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world that has been God’s cherished desire."

We cannot fully enjoy this magical technological greatness, if hunger, robbery and terrorism are still present in our world. Here's some good news! The future holds for us not only a technological break through, according to the prophecies. Humanity is now to emerge to a new stage of moral and spiritual development. A new world based on the Culture of Heart will blossom after 2012.

Every economic system- capitalism, socialism, feudalism, whatever that doesn't meet this criteria will ultimately face upheaval as individuals seek fair and equal treatment. We see and understand the injustice that surrounds us better then ever. Technology makes even that possible as never before.

People of conscious everywhere feel dissatisfied with the current world order. Politicians are discussing new political structures that will surpass the limitations of today's Democracy.

The Need of Moral Revolution of Conscience and Heart
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, prophecy of the future world - Imagine the Magical Dream of the Future World: See this Video
We need new world order where man and God are inseparable. A new world where there is no corruption, fear from each other, wars and hatred. For this humanity needs not only technological revolution, but even more a revolution of our hearts and conscience. Rev Sun Myung Moon has lived God's ideal in its fullest realization and he has worked tirelessly to restore this true world.

Nations around the world face economic collapse. Because all existing economies and governments were formed from individuals of imperfect character they have mirrored the imperfections of their creators, inevitably containing the seeds of their own destruction. This is why there is such a gap between the masses and the classes, even in the best of economic systems.

A New Vision for Humanity's Future

The most dangerous religious sect: HUMANISM
Einstein said, "you can't solve problems using the same thinking that created them." Can we solve this worldwide political and economic unrest without a fundamental change in human character? Of cause not!

God ordained man to be the "image of God", to love each other and help each other. Yet immature, selfish love made that impossible. Instead people indulged into the free sex, distrust and self-interest, like cancer sells that bring the whole body to destruction. This is the hidden root of all human problems.

Rev Moon was called by God to pioneer the path to that original standard. He has stated, "God set the pattern for the universe. In the ideal existence we live for others. this is the very reason for our existence; we exist for others, for an object, for a counterpart. This is the principle for all human relationships in our society." (pg 170)

We need a new understanding how to solve human problems. St Paul wrote in 1st Cor, "For we know in part and we prophesy in part but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. The new world order is coming, this world of human perfection.

Rev Moon has clearly identified the true new world order, "The ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values... the world in which these ideals will finally be realized is none other than the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, under the leadership of the returning Christ." (Divine Principle pg 342)

Efforts to Change the Course of Humanity
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, prophecy of the future world - Imagine the Magical Dream of the Future World: See this Video
Rev Moon has consistently sought to interact with political leaders across the world. In 1974 Moon visited President Nixon. In 1991 Moon visited with Soviet leader Mikail Gorbachev to promote the peaceful dismantling of the communist empire. In 1991 Moon visited North Korea to open dialogue with the aim of peaceful unification of the Korea peninsula.

In 1994 the New York Times reported that, Rev. Moon "is pouring foreign fortunes into conservative causes in the United States."[60] With this Rev. Moon helped the peaceful end of the Cold War. Moon's key role in ending the atheistic, totalitarian Communist regimes was repeatedly admitted by leaders like President Reagan, Thatcher, Alexander High and others.

In 2000 Rev Moon sponsored a United Nations conference which proposed the formation of "a religious assembly, or council of religious representatives, within the structure of the United Nations."

In Rev. Moon's own words, “although secular authorities rule most human societies, religion lies at the heart of most national and cultural identities. World Peace can be fully accomplished only when the world’s religious leaders work cooperatively with national leaders.” Religious movements represented at the summit were Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Bahai, and Native American religions.[62]

Rev Moon has also championed international, interracial and inter religious marriages as keys to modern world peace. The Universal Peace Federation was launched in 2005 to with the vision of humanity as one global family of God.

In the Kingship of God's Love
Elevating Humanity
Elevating Humanity

Blessing that Liberates God and Overcomes Historic Baunderies
They believe a child should be loved by true and loving parents; that every home should be filled with love and harmony and the world should become "One United Family under God" ..that in True Love there are no barriers; religious, national, racial or cultural.
World Future: The Culture of Heart
We live in one amazing world, and we are on the threshold to make reality the ideal for which God created it. Before our eyes we witness enormous changes in the economy, politics and social life.
Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart, Revolution of Conscience. Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart. The man who ended Communism is now dedicat
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, prophecy of the future world - Imagine the Magical Dream of the Future World: See this Video


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