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The Left's War on Science infused with Marxist assertions

The Left's War on Science
The War Lefts wage on Science seems to be full with Marxist assertions for the purpose of political interest as opposed to genuinely trying to understand

Left propaganda bombards us with the slogan that "Republicans are against science". But John Tierney shows that "The real war on science is the one from the left." It turns out that this is, as usual, Left's method of manipulation and false propaganda.

"I can't find examples where the right-wing stopped the progress of science, whereas you can look on the left and you see so many areas that are taboo to research." All sort of Left demonstrations are trying to prevent scientific research and technology.

Protests from the Left prevent GMO research. You can't talk even of sexual differences because of the Lefts. In most areas of life you can't say the truth, because Lefts say it's discrimination. Yet, scientific opinion is not allowed.

Today's universities are dominated by Leftist

In a social science Democrats outnumber Republicans at list eight to one. In Sociology is 44 to 1. Students are more likely to be thought in Sociology by a Marxist than by a Republican. It's gotten worse and worse. Majority people in the academic department are on the left... hiring people like themselves.

"When it comes to science, If anything, conservatives are more scientifically literate than liberals are."

You can see such a revision of history, of science, is a social phenomena breathled with Marxist assertions... for the purpose of political interest as opposed to genuinely trying to understand something.

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