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We find an interesting explanation in the Gospel of Peter. When Peter asked Jesus about all these people suffering in Hell, why the loving God can do nothing to save them. Jesus answered that he should keep secret, but all the sinners will be saved sooner or later. When the good people go to Heaven and look down at their suffering, they will pray, God will hear their prayers and sinners will have their chance. But if people know that, Jesus told him, they will commit even more sins, so their situation will be even more difficult.

Will all people be saved ? Will the beast be saved? Will God show his mercy..... will they be saved as by fire ? And what happens to this man of sin ? God created him?

Everyone will be saved eventually!!! Parent's heart cannot see his children suffer; their actions made them evil, despite his constant efforts to awake them for good, he wants them us fast us possible stop their evil and grow to the high realms of joy and peace. But that can happen only with love, never by force. That's why history of restoration had been prolonged for so long.

Fire depicts not literal fire, but the suffering and indemnity they go through, to purify themselves, repent and eventually become good children of God again, as he originally created them to be. The difficulty is, that a person cannot grow in the spirit world, without the physical body. For this reason Bible describes the Resurrection process. Spirits return to earthly people, cooperate with them to fulfill the unfulfilled responsibility and thus grow with our help and prayers. There are several Bible quotes describing this process.

How they will be saved and when ... will it accrue and the process involved.

God is the Parent of all the humanity. Jesus called him Father and talked about His heart and determination for everyone to be saved. To describe it, he said in proverb... he will live every sheep to find the lost one. He told them of the prodigal son - whom the parents forgave and were so happy to embrace again.

This way Jesus was teaching about God's parental heart. A parent will have no peace, no joy, no rest, until the last of his children is saved; until his children learn to love each other, instead of fighting

Paul, in Romans, clearly described that this will happen at the Second Advent.
He points few things:

(1) The complete truth will be revealed - so people will understand directly, not vague way
(2) The body will be liberated from Satan's shackles, therefore Mind and Body unity will be possible
(3) It's not good to marry until the Second Coming, but when he comes a wife will be prepared and he will make big weddings, where everyone will be invited - Meaning, for the first time people will be able to create families with God's blessing (out of Satan's realm).

To say it directly: People will start to relate with God directly, will reach Individual Perfection, then Perfect Families will appear, and from them a Society, Nations and World centered on God - which is the promised Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, Jesus asked to pray and work for, as highest priority in our lives.

And to sum up the Bible; Adam and Eve became False Parents, centered on Satan and immature - selfish love. At the Second Advent, the last Adam will restore perfect Eve and they will become the first restored Family - True Parents of humanity, by restoring God's lineage, liberated from Satan's dominion. Expanding this from family, to tribe, society, nation etc.. finally the whole world will be restored. And even the Spirit World will be liberated - meaning Hell also will be liberated.

What happens to the man used as Antichrist or the false prophet , are they not in the lake of fire to suffer endless the most evil death or punishment for being born? The man of sin is a victim of fate or wrath for being born.

Revelation 12:5 talks of the birth of the Lord of the Second Advent immediately after the raise of the Red Dragon (Communism), on the next page talks of it as the Antichrist, described as 666. Satan took the number 6 (6 day of creation). Before the 3rd Adam restores the world, Satan will try to take the world with 3 Antichrists, representing 1st Adam, 2nd Adam and 3rd Adam on the side of Satan.

That's why Jesus said, the Lord will return when you see 3 big wars - the 3 World Wars. The last one, was Ideological war (The Cold War). Jesus talk of it as the world divided on sheep and goats (those who accept religion and the denying God Communism (THE ANTICHRIST))

Jesus talked that God wants to save even the last unsaved person. That includes even the worse sinner. But to do that God needs a person who will bring such a true love, that will make even such evil people repent, change their hearts, become good, and help God's ideal. Who has such a power of heart. The Messiah, coming as a True Parent of humanity.

This is the reason Jesus was teaching us to LOVE OUR ENEMY, meaning those sinful people. Parental love makes the child change its bad ways, grow, mature and become good. This is the love that can change the world. But no religion so far could show such love. This is why the Second Coming is so important. We should realize that we are all sinners, we all fell short in front of God.


Can we find evidence of this process of liberation of the sinners?

Yes, we can. The book of Francezzo, "A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands", describes exactly how spirits ending in Hell and suffering are being helped and gradually grow through returning Resurrection (cooperation with the physical world). To be liberated from their own sins they help others in their own position. Through living for the sake of others they grow. Prayers of the earthly relatives are immense help, so needed for them.
"The physical world is Satan’s sphere of activity while the spirit world is that of God." Father, CSG
The very same thing is described by Francezzo, the evil spirits are not developed to see and act freely in the spirit world, so they live influencing the physical world. Even though this book was written more then 100 years ago, Francezzo describes in detail information about the quantum energy field around us, that quantum science measures and observes only now. Francezzo even describes, how spirits get stuck in this energy and how high magnetic field can liberate them. This is also now a proven scientific fact. This very method is used by so many energy healers and can easily be observed with the new technology, like quantum analyzers, Aura-photography and so on.

Another book (Dr. Lee), also dictated as a message from the spirit world, describes concrete historic figures who were in Hell, how they suffered and how they were helped to understand their false philosophy and join such groups for spiritual growth and liberation. Names include; Adam, Eve, Judas Iscariot, Hitler, Lenin, Marx etc.

All these descriptions depict the spirit world in a much more real way. They depict numerous different levels of suffering in the spirit world, but nothing like people imagined in the past Christian descriptions.

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