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The Kingdom of Heaven is coming with full power: Jesus Christ and Father Moon

The Kingdom of Heaven is coming with full power

Bible says Jesus was Crucified and the Kingdom of Heaven could not come, but was postponed until the time of the Second Coming of Christ. The young Sun Muyng Moon was poor like Jesus, and Jesus Christ himself appeared to him at his youth.

He was the one who could understand Jesus's heart and "wandered through the spirit world... trod a bloody path of suffering in search... (to) find the ultimate truth to save humanity." There were so many attempts to take his life, but he was not killed. Instead, he raised a foundation for God, with the guidance and support of Jesus from the spirit world and all the saints and sages. Blind to the spirit majority of the Christians could not realize that. If only they could pray and ask Jesus, instead of falsely accusing Rev. Moon.

And as prophesied, Rev. Moon, as the Lord of the Second Coming, anointed by Jesus to take the mission to liberate the world, was persecuted and called sect and a cult, yet found the way to liberate God's Heart and open the way for the liberation of all humanity, both in physical world and the spirit world.

"..the beginning of a new peaceful world... a new era of “One Family under God” will begin as the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day is celebrated in 2015..

The International Leadership Conference will be held under the motto, “Overcoming the Challenges of the Times: Changes in Society, the Nation and the World.” The event will be attended by leaders and VIPs from many nations. The 21st World Press Conference, under the banner “Prospects for Peace in Northeast Asia in the 21st Century,” will be held over five days beginning on March 1stat the Lotte Hotel." - Creating a Peaceful World

As his foundation become substantial in 2 more years, the world will suddenly realize what a great son of God he is. Jesus is proud with Rev. Moon. Jesus is finally happy and liberated.

The good spirit world descends with full power from March 2015 and in just few years the whole world will be transformed. Nations will appear, as a model of God's Kingdom. Technology will develop to liberate the oppressed humanity. People's original mind will start rapidly opening and sensing God's guidance and love.

Even the most evil people on earth will soon discover that their ancestors are already restored in the spirit world as absolutely good spirits, leading them to recognize and accept the True Parents, and be able to see God's immanent work behind his achievements.

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