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Age of CIG: Incredible intuitive inventions

Incredible Intuitive Inventions

We are in the down of a new age of the world history. The Agricultural Age lasted several thousand years. The Industrial Age lasted couple of centuries. The Information Age lasted just a few decades. What is the next great era? We will go far beyond our natural senses.

If I ask you something you don't know, just by having a smartphone in few minutes you can know the answer. But this is just a primitive beginning. You see how the world is getting closer to the spirit world. In the spirit world, the moment you ask a question, the answer comes. So it's only a matter of developing our spiritual sensitivity.

Spirituality: And at the very moment, millions on earth are developing that ability. There are more and more bestselling books teaching you the basic of doing it. I'm talking from my personal experience, not a theory. Visiting the Spirit World in my Dreams

People now have no problem with asking their subconscious mind for answer of questions they don't know. They simply muscle -test it. But with the time they understand, "Oh, every molecule of my body is giving me feedback on what I'm asking." And yes, every molecule of your body is connected to the whole of the universe, so there is no information it cannot check, measure, sensor and give you feed back on. Read, Our Emotional Sensitivity to God's Heart
"As fallen men come to receive the benefit of the age in the providence of restoration, their spiritual standard is restored by degrees. Therefore, in the Last Days many saints reach the point where they can communicate with God, as Acts 2:17 says." DP
Scientists did research and found out that every human being has such abilities; to communicate with others no matter the distance; to heal other's no matter the distance; to see things, no matter the distance (Remote Viewing). These are signs of the restoration of the individual perfection (1st Blessing).
"Regardless of how pure and sinless the men of this society might be, if they had to live in an undeveloped civilization similar to that of primitive people, this would not be the kind of Kingdom of Heaven both God and man have long awaited. Since God blessed man to be the dominator of all things." DP
Technology: And now you add to the future world the intuitive technology and the ability to print what you want: Bridges, cars, instruments even houses. The production of Graphene will allow numerous possibilities for super light and super strong constructions. You see we are approaching a new age, where our spiritual and physical potentials will explode and transform our lives in an incredible, beautiful, fantastic way.

"Men of perfected individuality should have subdued the natural world through highly developed science, and established an extremely pleasant social environment on earth. This would be the place where the ideal of creation would be realized. It would be nothing other than the Kingdom of Heaven on earth." DP
Health: Scientists can now do non-invasive surgery; a surgery with no knives involved, by using focused ultrasound to treat all kind of issues. And you add to that the instant Quantum Healing, that everyone can learn and perform himself, virtually removing all sort of health problems. Read, The Healing Power of Frequency

Energy: In this new world there will be abundance of free energy; wherever you want, as much as you need. It allows even the possibility to fly without engine - just by using gravity. It's amazing, really unbelievable future, because all this technology already exists. The only barrier is the greed and selfishness of few, blocking the way. Read, Plasma Generators

 Moral: To prepare for this new beautiful world, one of the most important ingredients is the shift in conscience. A new moral generation has to appear, where people do good, live for each other, help each other, support each other… not because they are told, but from their own conscience. Read, LIVE IN LOVE AND ABOVE
"Purpose is to restore the one great world family which God had intended at the creation. This is to be accomplished by finding the True Parents of mankind through whom all men can become children of goodness through rebirth." DP
This is the Revolution of Heart brought by Rev. and Mrs. Moon. This revolution will solve all social problems and transform society centered on true love. This will be a society based on true families, transcending all national, racial, religious and cultural barriers. Read, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

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