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Peace Starts With Me' Speech: True Mother - Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

Peace Starts With Me' Speech

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the acclaimed PEACE MOTHER and founder of UPF, offered a powerful message of hope and peace at the Peace Starts With Me Cultural Festivalfeaturing an inter-denominational 2,000-voice choir.  Numerous U.S. church choirs, gathered from across the nation, during a high-voltage Cultural Music Festival.

"At the core of our mission for Peace is the faith in a loving God, as manifested in our lives and as taught through the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Congresswoman, Yvette Clark

Prominent Christian ministers came to the stage to prize her great efforts and contribution for moving God's providence and saving all God's children; embracing all religions, cultures, races and nations.

In 1982, Dr. Moon and her late husband, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, founders of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, officiated a Marriage Blessing Ceremony for 2,075 couples at Madison Square Garden. In 1992, Dr. Moon established the Women's Federation for World Peacean organization that encourages women to promote peace in their communities and the society-at-large, within 143 countries. Family is central to Dr. Moon’s philosophy of peace:

“If a family is not centered on God's ideal of love, there will be conflict among the members of that family. Without God's love as an absolute center, such a family will ultimately break down. A nation of such families will also decline,” Dr. Moon, The importance of the family.

Notes from True Mother's Speech:

"God's hope was for Adam and Eve to have absolute love.. become true parents of humanity. Yet, due to their selfishness they failed."

God toiled for thousands of years to send the savior, Messiah - Jesus Christ. However, what happened to Jesus?.. He was male, he needed to meet a women. Marie in the family of Zachariah needed to help him marry. But they failed to help him. However he couldn't create a true family as people rejected him. So he was crucified but promised to return and hold the holly wedding of the Lamb.

Through the Atlantic civilization Christianity expanded throughout the world. However Christians did not understand the true providence of God. Thus steps was made against the providence of God. The Atlantic civilization flourished centered on materialism.. Today Western civilization is offshoot of this Atlantic civilization. 

Heaven have raised America to prepare to welcome the returning Messiah. For him an Only Begotten Daughter had to be born. Heaven worked in Asia, choosing the Korean people, centered on the Christian foundation in 1943 the only begotten daughter was born. She needed a period of Growth. Heaven could not allow her to live in dangerous area. 

Heaven mobilized 16 nations to defend South Korea. In 1960 finally True Parents appeared before humanity. However, the Christian realm could not embrace the True Parents. Christianity started declining. True Parents came to heal America. Many righteous young man came to follow True Parents. Authorities were scared of his growing power and decided to kick the Messiah out, sending him to prison. Meanwhile serious problems were crippling this nation. Communism was endangering the world.

America had to be saved for the world to be Saved. True Father gathered famous academics and proclaimed the end of Communism. Five years later this happened. Family Federation was working throughout the world giving blessing to more then 400 million couples, to establish God's Ideal. One world under God can be realized. That day is not fare away. 

You should unite as one and bring about the revolution centering on the Culture of Heart and expand the Blessed families throughout the world. The young people will be educated and become the light of the world. We must create that environment. True freedom, peace, equality and happiness - world of peace will down if you practice true love and live for the sake of others. 

Unite with me and let us shine brightly in all dark places. 

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