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Peace is the Way... Judging is not (Sanctuary Church, Hyung Jin)

Sanctuary Church going against the way of peace, hyung jin kook jin yeona nim false king queen sanctuary church.
There is no way to Peace, Peace is the Way! 

Do you know that 93% of human history was wars. Only 7% was peace. Even in their aim to something better, people were judging and waging wars (same like SC). They didn't understand, "The complex problems..  in  the  world can be fundamentally solved only through  the perfection  of  true  love." This is the key to Peace, discovered by Dr. Sun Myung Moon. No wonder even politicians call him True Father.

Why do we say that "True Parents (Dr. and Mrs Moon) are the eternal King and Queen of Peace!" Their way of life examines that! Wherever they went, they brought Peace and Unity. They united scientists, politicians, religious and social leaders, to transcend boundaries and work in unity for achieving World Peace. That clearly shows that their level of heart is way above 500-600. Their children  and we ourselves still need to grow in our hearts, to reach that level.

Dr. David R. Hawkins is the one who made the study on the Resonance of Heart. And he gave these points as very important if we want to reach Peace outside and in ourselves:
- Let go of wanting to 'get even'
- Let go of wanting to be 'right' and make others 'wrong'
- Practice discernment rather than judgementalism
Dr. Hawkins shows how to instantly tell truth from falsehood about anything. 'Muscle testing' clearly shows HgJN is under the level of 200. And he attracts people with the same low level of heart. Radical Extremists are at resonance of 160. On this low level, with his hate-talk, such a person stirs resentment in his followers, that in one country even ended with the death of a mother of 4 kids. That reminds us of the past, when hate talk of Catholic priests against the Jews, brought to violating Temples and biting Jewish women and children. History was full with hate talk against other races, other religions, other cultures.

The World needs Revolution of Heart

We live in a historic time, after the coming of CIG. The world needs a Revolution of Heart and Conscience. Around 75% of the people are on a level of resonance under 200. Marxism is at resonance of 130. That's why even Harvard University has resonance of 180, because of Socialist-Marxist, materialistic influence.

We are responsible to raise the world towards goodness, love and peace. The best way is to grow our own level of heart to that of Love and Peace (500 to 600). People with that level of resonance of heart automatically raise the level of millions other people around. So changing the world is changing ourselves. It starts from inside, not outside.

With spiritual testing we could calibrate Hyungjin's resonance of heart at 180. Despite his good motivation, this is the level of conscience of predator animals; feeling pleasure and enjoying in hurting others. Remember Truth is above 200. Under 200 we are dominated by the physical mind (animal nature). Specifically 180 is the Resonance between fear and pride, still under the level of spiritual development. Yes, we start that low, but we have to grow our ability to love.

How to develop our Hearts?

The resonance of unconditional love is 570. We are all striving to reach to that level of spiritual development. Definitely, Tribal Messiaship and witnessing are the best and fastest way we grow our hearts. No wonder people with higher Heart Resonance love witnessing. Wherever I go, I naturally meat prepared people, open for the Truth. My high resonance easily attracts and rises the resonance of people I meet.

Why sects, like Sanctuary Church and others who deviated in resentment before them, left witnessing aside. Simply said, their resonance of heart is so low, so they cannot attract anybody, but just other resentful members. As a result, their fallen nature starts rationalizing and creating philosophy excusing their behavior. That's why we see SC arduously trying to reverse Father's words in some very wired and twisted way. But laws are Universal. What they do is obvious!

Father's way was the way of unification; bringing peace and harmony. We don't accept the way of division, bringing resentment and antagonism. H2 failed to inherit, so far! Read..  Teaching Judging and rebellion does not lead to progress. That's Replacing TF's Teachings with MARXISM

Our way is the way of Peace and Unification; Living for the Sake of Others and fulfilling our Tribal Messiah Mission.
hyung jin sanctuary church kook jin hyung jin sanctuary church king hyung jin nim m


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