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STF Internal Guidance: Why Study God's Word (Divine Principle) Foundation of Faith

STF Internal Guidance

Why Study God's Word (The Divine Principle)
STF guidance on Foundation of Faith based
 STF leadership Training for Second Generation
STF guidance on Foundation of Faith based on Divine Principle
Restoration is only possible based on the Word, which essence is True Love. Fall was descent into Ignorance, which brought us out of Love, into internal state of Fear, Worries, Struggles...

It took thousands of years for God to gradually reveal the Complete Truth, which can bring as back to His love. In the Old Testament God could reveal only few Laws. In the New testament they had the Gospel, which only promised that one day will come the Complete Truth, so they had to keep faith and hope until then. 

Bible promised, that when the complete Truth comes, we will see things and understand God directly. St. Paul was excited, that when that happens we will be able to liberate even our body from Satan's influence, so we will finally reach Mind and Body unity - become a Temple of God, liberated form the Original Sin.

We grow spiritually in accordance to how much we incarnated the Truth - corrected our concepts of right and wrong, good and evil. Book on the shelf will not make us grow. Father says that Divine Principle is the way of True Love. The Principle is the New Revelation promised by the Bible, that can bring all humanity out of the Ignorance, United in God's Love. We have to study it and spread it.

Our Conscience works based on our understanding of the Truth. If our understanding of good and evil deviates from God's Absolute Standard, our own conscience can unite with the Evil Mind and go against God. This is why even people of faith can fight each other. Until there are different understandings fighting will never stop.

Aligning your concepts with God's Principle takes years and years of study and practice. It cannot happen with 1 or 2 readings. Reading and praying is vitally important, but not enough to change the concepts in our subconsciousness, which are already automatic. We need to practice - gain new experiences, and through repetition make the true way automatic.

Therefore, practice without reading is also impossible, because we have to embody the Truth, not some other philosophies. True Father says: Read minimum 20 times for protection from Satan, minimum 100 times if you are a Leader (to protect others).

For the first time in history we have the Complete Truth. So much sacrifice in history to reach to its understanding. Only by it we can become perfect. But there are different levels of understanding and aligning with the Truth. We can easily check at what level we are.

If we don't know the Principle well, we are in Satan's realm, where evil spirits can always mislead us in our own thoughts. That's why Father explained, we should read the Principle minimum 20 times, just to have personal protection from Satan.

Level of Understanding the Principle

Formation stage of understanding is when we know Divine Principle logically - nearly by heart. How many members are on that level? How many STF members read DP 20 times? In reality, most members are in the very beginning of the Formation stage, many not even there. True Father explained, that this is the reason members and second-gen leave the Church.

Growth stage is to know the Application - that takes much deeper attitude of search, interest and prayers. Shallow view and partial knowledge of DP are not enough. We have to connect these principles with the every-day real situations; understand practically what's good and evil in complete accordance with the Principle.

Completion stage; Understanding the application is one thing, but living by it is the stage of Completion. With repetition of the correct, true living, finally practicing the truth will become automatic, subconscious way. Therefore we become Perfect incarnation of the Truth.

It is long and difficult process to study, learn, practice and finally incarnate the Truth. In Jesus, 'the Word became flesh’ for the first time. True Father also became embodiment of the Word - on higher, family level. Divine Principle guides us all to embody (Incarnate) the Truth! That's where God's Kingdom starts, not outside, but in our hearts.

It takes years to understand and incarnate the Truth. To achieve that is our own portion of the responsibility. We cannot expect anybody else do it for us. God gave us the truth. He will guide us if we serious in our hearts.

Satan will try anything to stop us; stay ignorant of the importance to study DP, be lazy, sleepy, not concentrated, busy - not to have time to study.. etc. God will not interfere, it's our responsibility. That's why Jesus called the luck of desire to study DP, one of the greatest sins in UC.

Formula Course of Restoration

True Father established the Formula Course, as a model course for our restoration. There are only two indemnity conditions explained in the Principle, as a conditions to bring us back to God; Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance.

Foundation of Faith (FF) is through Restoring All Things (Money) to make indemnity condition which allows to set our Spiritual Mind as a subject over the Physical Mind. FR makes indemnity for the sin of misusing all things (our and our ancestors').

When is FF successful? Not all who did FR made that condition successfully. Not all succeeded to liberate their Original Mind. Crashing out in FR is only a glimpse into the state, where Sp.M. is a Subject and God can work freely through us. But becoming consistent this state of mind has to become permanent.

When we fail in the Foundation of Faith? If Fundraisers didn't love it and couldn't brake through, they stayed under the Physical Mind and ended failures, resentful etc. So they are not qualified for the Foundation of Substance - Witnessing. Therefore they will not have foundation for protection of their family. Their relationships and children will be constantly invaded by evil spirit world. You see how this creates a lot of problems for the Church; in family relations and with the next generation.

Dual Purpose of Fundraising:
STF guidance on Foundation of Faith based on Divine Principle
 (1) Purpose of the Whole (Internal, Cause, Subject): To restore 'Money for Building the Kingdom of Heaven' (HS), which makes an Indemnity condition for the restoration of All Things, All People, those who bought and their ancestors (SS).

(2) Individual Purpose (External, Effect, Object): To restore our Character and Heart (HS), and make Indemnity Condition for our own Sin, and the Sin of our Ancestors (SS). DP (POC)

That's why Divine Principle explains that we can only come to God through All Things: Putting the restored Money in the position of Subject (Abel), while we stand in the position of Object (Cain). DP p. 247

To grow spiritually we have to forget ourselves. We are the offering; we offer our mind and body. Putting our own desires, our own concepts first, means we don't want to separate from Satan - we resist to grow spiritually. Meaning we are still dominated by our Physical Mind (Body).

Subjugate Satan - Model Course
How FF + FS = FM ? (1) Divide good and evil - Separating Sp.M (under God) and Ph.M. (under Satan). (2) Restore the reversed dominion (Sp.M. over Ph.M.) and finally (3) Unite them under God (Mind/Body Unity).

How to explain the Formula Course of Restoration:
After the Fall, Adam was in midway position - good and evil: His Physical Mind related to Satan, his Spiritual Mind related to God. God had to bring this internal problem out, so they can see it and solve it - by reversing it externally.

That's why Cain (Ph.M.) and Abel (Sp.M.) had to reverse the Physical Mind dominion, allowing the Spiritual Mind to be Subject. Physical Mind subject, means man is under Satan's fallen natures.

The Four Fallen Natures (Humanism):
The Fallen Natures are automatic result of the Physical Mind becoming a Subject - improper, reversed position, allowing Satan to work. Humanist philosophy is a result of the Physical Mind logic developed throughout history. It's philosophy excusing the reversal of dominion on all levels. Therefore, Satan's philosophy.

(1) Ph.M. does not see God's view coming through the Sp.M. and automatically rejects it.
(2) Ph.M. thus leaves its position of Object to the Sp.M
(3) Ph.M rejects Sp.M. view and goes against it (Excuses -  philosophizing it)
(4) Ph.M. multiplies evil, by propagating this Satanic philosophy (against Sp.M. and God)

Thus, the purpose of Restoration is to liberate the Spiritual Mind, teach the Physical Mind the Truth, so it can understand and obey the Sp.M. instead of going against it. Thus, God will be liberated to work freely with such people, while Satan will become powerless (without Objects to work through). Man's Original Nature will be liberated.

For the purpose of Restoration this internal problem has to come out, in external philosophical conflict, and be resolved. The Fallen Natures were expressed in history through the development of Humanism. Culmination of this Physical Mind philosophy was Communism (Satanic Totalitarianism) and today's Secular Humanism ((leading to individualism, materialism and the free sex culture). Man cannot find freedom of his Original Mind under these Satanic - Ph.M. philosophies - they are the very reason man lost his freedom and lost True Love.

Now the Complete Truth overcomes these false philosophies. The Original Mind is free when Spirit Mind is Subject and Physical Mind unites with it; Thus, the Fallen Natures are gone and the Original Good Nature comes out.

(1) Sp.M. see God's view and knows God's Heart.
(2) Ph.M. created to be in position of Object to the Sp.M (Even Ph.M. feels liberated and good)
(3) Ph.M learns Sp.M. view and resists the fallen natures coming from the lineage (through the Body)
(4) Ph.M. multiplies Sp.M. way, propagating God's philosophy

20 to 30 thoughts come in our mind each minute, from 20-30 spirits, including Satan.

People are spiritual beings. Yet now they are spiritually blind, not realizing where their thoughts come from - evil spirit world or good spirit world. Not knowing the Truth clearly we can be easily fulled in our own thoughts and side with Satan.

Only learning the Divine Principle well can give us power to block Satan and side with God. Than we will find ourselves able to feel and perceive directly God's Heart and Will. Because our spirit mind is where God dwells, so it always knows the answer of every question.

First learn the difference between how Spirit Mind works and how Physical Mind works. They have different desires, different objectives. One see always externally, the other always internally. Ph.M. doesn't know God, nor Sp.W, nor the truth - so it always gets confused, doubting, fearing. But Sp.M. always relates to God, Sp.W. and the Truth - never doubts, never confused, never fears, but always peaceful and loving.

God was in pain for thousands of years, since the fall. Cut off by his own children, trapped and controlled by Satan. How? Lucifer tempted our own ancestors to live bad life and become evil spirits. Through the ancestors he can invade and control the lineage.

Satan works through our Bodies (chemicals and energy)

How Satan controls our bodies? - through our lineage! Each cell of our body is connected with the memories of our ancestors. Satan uses many evil angels to induce our ancestors with lies and false promises. Under Satan's command they invade the body and influence thoughts and feelings against God's will.

Chemical reactions and subconscious trapped emotions subjugate the Physical Mind and push it against the Spiritual Mind. Once we understand that and subjugate our Body, Satan becomes powerless. But for this to happen, we have to quickly learn the Principle (Life Elements) and practice (Vitality Elements) so that our Spirit can grow to become Subject.

We live in amazing time when our perfection and liberation is finally possible, after thousands of years of fallen history. How great that is! How great victory True Parents (Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han) have achieved.

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