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Rev. Moon's passing to the Spirit World

Rev. Moon's passing 

to the eternal Spirit World

There is nothing coincidental! Spiritual World must have known about True Father's passing. Amazing! He left the physical reality after 21 days of comma. Yet, before he went to hospital, he visited beloved places, touched the trees in saying "good bye" with the words "I finished all".

Rev. Moon's final prayer was, "Heavenly Father now I'm coming to you after I have achieved on Earth everything you asked me."

Rev. Moon is known for his main role in the peaceful ending of the Cold War. He inspired millions to create  families of true love beyond the barriers of religion, nationality and race.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s work on behalf of harmony among the world’s great faiths will be among his most lasting achievements, said Emmanuel Milingo, the Zambian Catholic archbishop.


Rev. Moon's Last Prayer

Today, as I have returned the completion of final perfection to the Father I am aware that I have offered my whole life up to this moment to the Father.

According to His will, I am spending this time to bring my life to conclusions using this time to bring it to a close with jeongseong (devotion)... Tribal messiahs have established a name that can represent the nation... I have accomplished all these tasks. I have accomplished everything. Aju 
Rev. Moon's final prayer
August 13, 2012
Cheongshim Hospital

Tribute from Rev. Moon's son

Father, my father, my beloved True Father. You offered your last prayer of your Earthly life as you took your last breath... Where are you at this moment? Oh God, how is it that you have called him.. I'm calling out to you father while feeling the pain of my heart bursting from deep sorrow.

Just one life, 92 years, shedding blood for Heaven, tears for humankind and sweat for Earth. Father, you have been the light of love. Your course has been the pathway to life. However, for you it has been an infinitely lonely, unremittingly solely life.

Sun Myung Moon resting after 80 years investing for God's liberation 
Rev. Moon's Cosmic Assembly World Tour 
Jewish Rabbi proclaims Rev. Moon as The Messiah
Even through the many ordeals you have endured Father, wherever you spoke that place was filled with tears, and with applause and joyful cheers. Your words have been like a fire spreading out from Korea to the entire world.

Since your Holy Wedding in 1960 mother was the pillar of strength for you, especially in times of crises. As True Parents you have together shown the example of the truest love.

We have barely glimpsed the course you passed through as Heaven raised you as a model family with God as it's center. On our own, father, you soldered the weighty cross of the 6 thousand year providence of restoration;

  • a course to build harmony and unity among the religions; 
  • significant steps toward reuniting North and South Korea; 
  • many organizations and ventures supporting the work for world peace; 
  • millions of blessed families giving the grace of rebirth on behalf of humankind. 

You are a wellspring of the expression of God's Will and a Heart. Weather it was day or night you slept little as you walked the path of loving others. You went to the brink of death several times yet each time you came back to us as if by a miracle.

Your tears fell like a waterfall from the depth of your sole for God's providence to save all humankind. This image of you have been engraved in our hearts unchanging.

You prevailed in the course of restoration through indemnity that you began at our 16 year. Finally at the age of 90 you offered the Crown of Glory to God and opened the Era of a New Heaven and a New Earth. The site of you expressing you unlikely passioned feelings is still fresh in our memory.

Through you we saw God.
Through you we came to know the Truth.
Through you, our Father, we came to experience True Love.

Father, you pushed your holy body beyond it's limits until the day you were admitted to the hospital. You awakened our conscientiousness all for the victory of Foundation Day... Before you were admitted to the hospital you touched the trees as you were saying goodbye in longing to return to God.

Father, are you really gone? ... Laughter, ... your words, ... your singing... all of this we miss so dearly, father. It is still so vivid in our minds.

Father, you are the True Parent of Humankind, the Savior of the World, the King of Peace in the Cosmos and the True Parent of the Heaven, Earth and Humankind. We shall never forget your love, father. We shall never forget your words.

Dear God, may he guide us even from the Heaven. Father, we love you forever! Father, we love you forever!

Rev. Moon was the Messiah the world was awaiting

John 6:44, Jesus said that unless God reveals it to you, you cannot know who "MESSIAH" is.I take this opportunity to thank God for opening my spiritual senses to enable me to know and attend the Messiah. Its a privijage and great honor to have been blessed by the TRUE PARENTS OF HEAVEN EARTH & HUMANKIND.

I therefore celebrate the life of Messiah who lived his entire life of 92 yrs fulfilling the Heavenly mandate of world peace. "The hope of all ages is a unified world of peace

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